3 old mobiles that are now worth a lot of money

There are old phones that are worth more money than a Samsung Galaxy S8, surprising, right? Oddly enough, several terminals from a few years ago have been appreciated incredibly. Today, we will tell you which are the most expensive phones of yesteryear, as there are really surprising figures.

Surely, the odd terminal on this list is more expensive than the mobile you carry without a color screen. Let’s go to the mess without further delay since the list is quite curious.

3 old mobiles that are now worth a lot of money

Motorola StarTAC 130

Motorola StarTAC 130Without a color screen, without a camera, without an internet connection, and with a 500mAh battery, that was the Motorola StarTAC 130. You have to take a look around the web to discover that it reaches prices of more than 400 euros, which is an incredible whopping for such a terminal. This phone is soon said to be worth as much money as a OnePlus 3. I wish they all appreciated it this way!

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310How could it be otherwise? The Nokia 3310, one of Nokia’s most famous devices throughout its history, is reaching a fairly high market value. This was one of the first terminals that marked an era, and practically every teenager had one in their possession.

Currently, if you have a Nokia 3310 in perfect condition, you can sell it for about 130 euros. As we read in Elcomercio, for this price, you can buy a Xiaomi Redmi 4, so do not hesitate to throw away your Nokia if you have it picking up dust on the shelf.

Sony Ericsson StarTAC

Sony Ericsson StarTACYou may not be familiar with the StarTac, as it may even be older than you. This terminal was launched in 1999 and belonged to the second generation of mobile phones, almost nothing. What is to be stunned is that they have been sold for about 2000 euros, yes 2000.

We talked about not even buying a Samsung Galaxy S8 and an iPhone 7 Plus you would spend so much money, so if you have this model in your house, you can get rich -or almost-.