4 Netflix series very similar to Breaking Bad

4 Netflix series very similar to Breaking BadBetter call saul

You can’t start a Breaking Bad recommendation list without mentioning its spin-off, a series born out of the original, and starring the good-natured, albeit somewhat illegal, Saul Goodman. On this occasion, we will delve into the legal recesses of different law firms and in their beginnings in the world of law firms, the relationship with his brother, and how, little by little, his relationship with people of doubtful morality puts his life in danger.

– Year: 2015– Seasons: 5– Episodes: 50– Approximate duration: 50 minutes


One of the most worthy heiresses in the history of Walter White plunges us into Deep America, perhaps mixed with wealthy people, where a father of a family, whose members are unaware of the illegal activities to which he is engaged, must protect his relatives against the criminal organizations he represents and, for this, he must use his financial knowledge and, thus, return money that disappeared because of an arrogant former partner.

– Year: 2017– Seasons: 3– Episodes: 30– Approximate duration: 60 minutes

House of Cards

Although the story developed in this series, one of Netflix’s crown jewels and one of the best political dramas in history, is not so close to the viewer, with an aspiring president of the United States in the spotlight, House of Cards shares an unexpected script twists and the excellent use of shots to provoke sensations in the viewer without the need for any dialogue. The breaking of the fourth wall, where the actor stares at the viewer and challenges him, makes the series a masterpiece.

– Year: 2013– Seasons: 6– Episodes: 73– Approximate duration: 50 minutes


Lastly, since it seems like families are all the rage in the previous paragraphs, I wanted to show you the history of the Rayburns. The return of one of the family children, when their parents have been married for 45 years, begins to destabilize the family structure and brings out some secrets, which they believed were buried in the past, to light. The Rayburns, who run a small hotel, must take charge of their lives and decide to do whatever it takes to preserve the family legacy.

– Year: 2015– Seasons: 3– Episodes: 33– Approximate duration: 60 minutes