Apps That Will Make Student Life Better


Apps That Will Make Student Life Better

A smartphone is not only a device for entertainment but also a useful tool for performing various tasks.

For students, it might be a great study helper. But this requires special applications and services.

It is almost impossible to meet a student without a smartphone. The cost of such devices has decreased significantly, so it is difficult to find a person who does not have access to them. The main feature of modern devices is the ability to install various additional applications and easy use of web services. Few students will not take advantage of this opportunity. However, many prefer to download games to kill time at school. We offer you to install mobile apps for students that can help with your studies.


  1. WritingAPaper
  2. Scanbot
  3. iStudiez (myHomework Student Planner)
  4. WPS Office
  5. PocketBook Reader
  6. Panecal
  7. TED
  8. Coursera
  9. Evernote
  10. Duolingo
  11. StarWalk
  12. Alarmy
  13. HandWriter
  14. TimeTable


This homework service is our top choice for a number of reasons. This company is very efficient – they have realistic but effective performance metrics. Their customer satisfaction rate is 98.2%. These customer satisfaction scores are backed up by many positive comments from previous and existing users. That’s why you can pay for essay and not worry about the quality of the work done and your grades

The company covers two of the most important aspects for students – the professionalism of the writers involved and the prices of their services. Both parameters are provided at a high level. The company employs more than 650 qualified writers with masters and doctoral degrees. The service can be useful for providing quality writing services in the most common areas of study. In addition, there are more than 65 types of orders in a variety of variations.

Pricing and payment options are very convenient for any budget. Of course, the best option is a pre-order – it will only cost a student $10. You can use Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards here. These are reliable payment systems. This adds credibility to the service.

The level of privacy is also ensured at a high level. The company prevents any possible exchange of data and protects the personal information of users as much as possible

iStudiez (the Android version is called myHomework Student Planner)

In the previous time, class schedules were written in a day planner or notebook.  Needless to say, all of these items are easily lost? And such a schedule quickly turns into a series of crossed-out notes if your school regularly reschedules classes. In short, it’s better to use a smartphone that’s always on hand to save your schedule.

Many useful apps provide the ability to record a work schedule or a class schedule. This kind of utility is iStudiez (the Android version is called myHomework Student Planner). It knows how to remind about pairs and provides the function of fixing homework. Moreover, the developers have even implemented the ability to record grades for different subjects! Consequently, the program can be used not only by students but also by schoolchildren. The latter will be most pleased with the presence of the application in the case the diary was forgotten at home.


It is possible to photograph a page of a textbook or other book without the help of auxiliary applications. But what to do if you need to photograph several dozen pages from different books? It’s easier to use a scanner and the appropriate computer program. But if you do not have such a device, Scanbot can help you.

This app allows you to conveniently photograph text. With it, you can immediately sort your created photos into albums, so you won’t get confused later. And the program is able to automatically convert images into PDF files. Scanbot confidently recognizes text written both in Russian and in Ukrainian. But this applies only to the paid version of the utility.

WPS Office

Every student faces the challenge of writing essays, term papers, presentations, and worksheets. And if you don’t have enough time to do such tasks, you can find cheap services on Reddit , which will help you solve this problem. You can work on these projects on your smartphone on your way to school or at home with the cross-platform WPS Office app. It’s an office suite for creating documents in a variety of formats, presentations, spreadsheets, reading PDFs, and text recognition.

Externally and functionally the application is analogous to Microsoft Word.  By the way, WPS Office is fully compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Additional features of the program:

  • support for cloud storage with the ability to download and save documents;
  • built-in file manager;
  • integration with email clients;
  • document encryption;
  • support for handwriting input;
  • spell check;
  • auto-save feature;
  • document sharing;
  • support for 44 languages.

PocketBook Reader

A convenient and visually pleasing application for reading documents and books in PDF and DjVu formats. As a rule, these are the most common online textbooks and scientific literature. The program supports 19 book formats, including CBR and CBZ for reading comics.

The service is notable for its user-friendly interface and extended functionality. Users can customize the display of text to their liking by changing the theme, font, and line spacing. The application allows you to make notes and add bookmarks, supports the function of reading aloud, synchronization between devices, and word search on Google.

One of the useful features of PocketBook Reader is the ability to make collections of books. This makes it more convenient to quickly find the textbook you need.

There is no need to manually add textbooks, books, and scientific literature to the application – at the first launch, the program will scan your smartphone or tablet and add all found books to your library.


Panecal is a scientific calculator program that allows you to show and modify formulas. It allows you to enter formulas while checking them, which prevents incorrect input or errors in calculations. You can also reuse previous formulas and use variable memory to change only specific values to calculate them.

A cursor appears on the display, and you can tap or press the arrow keys to quickly navigate to the place you want to edit. The program has a powerful, flexible, and intuitive user interface with swipe support for scrolling formulas and long presses for copying and pasting.

This multi-line scientific calculator works with numerical formulas. The app is free and suitable not only for students but also for engineers.

The calculator supports all basic functions and can be used for complex calculations, calculations and formula checks. It has a user-friendly, intuitive interface with plenty of space to enter and edit values.


TED is the official app of the global educational conference TED (Technology Entertainment Design), which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED has collected thousands of video lectures in more than 100 languages about various sciences and fields, from design to business, from politics to entertainment, from art to ecology.

In addition to absorbing useful knowledge from video lectures, you can learn languages – if the video is in an unfamiliar language or one you are just learning, you can include subtitles in Russian and do two things at once.

The TED app has bookmarks on topics of interest to the user. You can also download video and audio lectures to your smartphone and listen to them without the Internet, and your TED account syncs with all your devices.


Coursera is a huge collection of different courses and electives for students, school students, and those who just want to get new skills and knowledge. Coursera offers over 1,000 lectures from 140 world universities in Russian, English, Portuguese, Chinese, French and Spanish, which will allow you not only to study the subject you are interested in but also to improve your knowledge of a foreign language.

Besides the usual text lectures, there are video courses with tests and a final test of knowledge at the end. After completing your chosen course, Coursera gives you a certificate of completion, which you can even bring to the university or an interview for your first job.

The Evernote

The Evernote application helps keep everything in order, not only for students but also for all other users. This popular program will also help in studies because here you can store a ton of different information: to-do lists, class schedules, files with books and useful training videos, information on coursework, lectures, scans, essays, and much, much more useful information.

Evernote is free, but there are paid plans. But don’t worry, even the basic version is enough for studying, and there is also the synchronization between the two devices. For example, you can synchronize between a smartphone and a laptop or PC.


An indispensable application for those who want to improve their understanding of the English language. The program doesn’t just teach the user, it motivates him! If a person does not ignore the notifications and successfully passes the suggested lessons, he gets achievements. The highest pilot is to pass the whole course, getting the maximum number of achievements. After that, you can safely consider yourself a true polyglot.

With over 500 million students, Duolingo has the largest collection of language learning data in the world. This allows us to create unique systems, uncover new ideas about the nature of language and learning, and apply existing theories on an unprecedented scale. We are also committed to sharing publications and data with the wider research community.

Star Walk

Some schools teach astronomy. If you also take astronomy classes, download the Star Walk app to your smartphone. This app contains the names of many stars, constellations, and planets.

It’s easy to use – just launch the app and point your gadget’s camera at the sky. The program will immediately show you which stars are at a given point in space. When you touch a star, the program will show you all the information about it.


Waking up a student in the morning is not an easy task. There is a danger of turning off the usual alarm clock and falling asleep again. This will not happen with Alarmy. This is one of the most annoying alarm clocks in the world, which perfectly copes with its main task – to wake up.

To turn off the alarm, the user needs to perform some task related to mental or physical activity: to solve an arithmetic example, to take a picture of a certain object, to shake the phone. Simply pressing the “Turn off alarm clock” button and continuing the sweet sleep won’t work.

In Alarmy, you can create multiple alarms and customize them to your liking. One of the features of the program is the ability to make it uninstallable by activating this option in the settings.


A program for translating the printed text into the handwritten form. It is a perfect solution for those cases when you need to format handwritten versions of reports, assignments, lecture notes, or reports for further review of your work by the teacher. HandWriter supports work with text and Word documents, imitates human handwriting, and presents the result as a PDF document, prepared for printing. In application options, you can work with different fonts, text size and slant, the distance between words and lines, pen color, indentation, and neatness settings allowing you to create your own handwriting style.


This program allows you to quickly and accurately create a timetable of classes. The app is in a diary format and allows you to store on your smartphone not only the current class schedule but also detailed information about subjects and teachers, the type and duration of classes, as well as other information that can be used for self-organization and planning. With Timetable, you can add or manage homework, remind yourself of upcoming classes, and put your smartphone on silent mode during lessons. The Timetable is easy to use with color-coded schedules, synchronization between different devices, and built-in widgets that you can display on your Android home screen.


We hope that the listed software products will find wide application in the educational environment and will be useful for all students. We, in our turn, put an end to the review and wish students success in their studies, excellent grades, new discoveries, persistence in obtaining knowledge, and successful passing of exams!