At What Time And At What Temperature To Put The Air Conditioning So That It Spends Less

At what time and at what temperature to put the air conditioning so that it spends less

We bring you some tips to save with air conditioning now that the heat begins to arrive. Between heat waves and summer, we may be going to use this wonderful invention of humanity to cool off, but with the current price of electricity, many of us are going to have to plan it well so as not to go bankrupt.

We are going to start the article by talking about the ideal temperature at which it is convenient to put the air to save on the electricity bill without getting hot. And then, we will go on to tell you at what time it is convenient for you to start to spend less.

What is the ideal temperature?

What is the ideal temperature

One of the important aspects to take into account is the ideal temperature at which to keep the air conditioning. Here, according to a study by the IDAE (Institute for the Diversification of Savings and Energy) and taking into account standard criteria for ergonomics of the thermal environment of the RITE (Regulation for Thermal Installations in Buildings), the ideal temperature in summer is between 23 and 25 degrees when we are in a closed environment such as the house and we are not doing any physical activity.

Below 23 degrees the air will be drier and electricity consumption will increase unnecessarily. As has been calculated, each degree that this temperature is lowered can mean between a 5% and a 7% increase in the consumption of air conditioning. On the other hand, if it rises above 25 degrees, the feeling of embarrassment will increase, the discomfort, and we will sleep worse.

Therefore, when putting on the air conditioning in summer, think that the best is 25 degrees and that if you are too hot, maybe you can lower it to 23. But below that temperature, everything will be more expensive, and you may end up paying more. further.

Of course, one thing is what science says and another is what you are going to feel. This tip is trying to help you save, but if you find that 23 degrees aren’t enough for you, you might want to spend a little more in exchange for being able to survive the summer heat and spring heat waves.

What time to put the air conditioning

As for the hours at which to put the air conditioning, there is something you should know. The process of turning on the air conditioning is the one that consumes the most energy because it is when all the machinery starts up and quickly tries to lower electricity consumption. Therefore, one of the most important aspects is to turn on the air conditioning at a time when electricity is not very expensive.

And as for what time it is convenient to turn it on, to find out you have to look at the price of electricity each day. Here, it depends on the rate you have. If you have a regulated rate there is a website where you can look at the price of each day, which is Meanwhile, if you are in the free market it will depend on the company with which you have contracted the light, that is, you will have to look at their website.

The idea here is to make sure you turn on the air at a time when you pay the least possible. Come on, if you are very hot at 1:00 p.m., but electricity is noticeably cheaper at 2:00 p.m., it may be better to wait an hour or two for the light to be cheaper to turn on the air conditioning first.

If you keep the air on only when it is cheapest, you will save more. But if you need to keep it on all afternoon, the important thing is that the consumption peak that you generate when you turn it on is when it will cost you the least.