Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Residential Solar Services


The United States currently has 5 gigawatts worth of photovoltaic capacity installed as of the first quarter of 2021. It helps them reach a total of 102.8 gigawatts of total installed photovoltaic capacity. With this solar capacity, they have enough power for 18.6 million homes.

Moving toward solar-powered homes brings more benefits to the environment. To ensure you have an effective solar panel system, choosing residential solar services is a crucial step.

Consider the following pointers when choosing a solar installation service. Read on and find the right installation service for your home.

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Residential Solar Services

1. Check Certifications and Licenses

When choosing residential solar services, do a background check on your desired company. See whether they have the proper licenses to qualify for work.

These certifications vary from one state to another. Make sure they have the licenses issued within your area. It’s the bare minimum, so move on if they have nothing.

2. Check Their Reputation and Reviews

Next, check the company’s testimonials and reviews. You can see these on the solar company‚Äôs website. You can also check out review sites like the Better Business Bureau for feedback from previous customers.

Watch out if the website has no customer reviews or testimonials on it. The same applies if they have lots of bad reviews.

Consider going for a service provider with at least ten reviews. These reviews should be at least from the last four months or so. As for the rating, it should be at 4-stars or higher.

3. Check for Their Years of Experience

Check for their years of solar installation experience. Check how old a solar company is, using it as a deciding factor. However, it’s not a sure-fire way to deduce service quality.

For instance, check out Blue Raven Solar to get the benefits of solar energy. They can help you get started with your solar panel installation. They have years of experience and expertise to ensure it goes smoothly.

4. Get Details on Panel Quality and Source

Make sure the solar panels are of the best quality. Another factor to look into is where these panels originate.

In most cases, solar panels are often imports. However, there is a growing trend where panel services source domestic solar panels.

Consider asking your solar company about the solar panels. Inquire about the brand and where they come from. After that, do your research and know more about their quality.

5. Ask About Pricing and Warranty

You also need to check and compare pricing quotes to see the best one for your budget. Make sure to have a list of solar companies to compare. Inquire about the warranties, such as the length and coverage.

Pay Attention When Choosing Residential Solar Services

Look at these considerations when choosing residential solar services. Check their qualifications in both skill and product quality. It allows you to get a robust and long-lasting solar power system.

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