SHIB or DOGE saw record burning and what does that mean?


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A burning coin is not any new practice in the crypto space. But a few individuals understand only what it means, it’s working, and its role in the supply of a Wealth Matrix. Read along to know more.

What is crypto burning?

  • In crypto, burning means the process by which a part of crypto is removed permanently from circulation.
  • Burning crypto technically refers to withdrawing some specific crypto units from the total market supply of a crypto asset.
  • Then transfer them into something that is described as a dead wallet.
  • Also, the burn address is a dedicated crypto wallet address that has been customized for only receiving cryptos.
  • But you can never send them or even spend them.
  • Thus cryptos that are sent to such an address can never be retrieved.
  • They are automatically called useless or burnt.

Why should you burn crypto? How does it work?

  • There is a misconception that burning of crypto is only limited to some certain cryptos.’
  • Any crypto in circulation such as the likes of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Cardano can get burned.
  • There are many reasons why cryptos are burnt.
  • One of the very common aims to burn crypto is to decrease the overall market supply of crypto.
  • It is done to trigger a deflationary event where scarcity takes place due to the reduction in circulating supply.
  • So crypto’s value is increased.
  • Most of the cryptos are mainly burned for achieving stability and deflation, the process varies across many types of cryptos.
  • For example, the above process will never be applicable to stablecoins for various reasons.
  • For maintaining any stable value which is proportional to their pegged asset’s value, algorithmic stable coins often result to manufacture new tokens and burn them later.
  • So if the price of stablecoin rises above the value of the pegged asset, the smart contract’s protocol will be automatically issuing many new tokens as needed for stabilizing the value of the asset like bringing down the price back and vice-versa.

What will happen if SHIB and DOGE hit burning records?

  • For each crypto asset having a fixed supply of circulation, there is a limit to the total token units you can burn.
  • This is the same case for DOGE and SHIB tokens.
  • When you reach the limit to which an asset can get burned, logically it means that any more burning can never be achieved other than private holdings.
  • Few crypto projects are having regular activities of burning programmed into their code.
  • So such event is scheduled to periodically happen.
  • So such automated events will keep on taking place until any predetermined limit is reached.
  • At each burning’s end, the value of the token will normally experience a rise in value.
  • In some cases, it may be lasting for a while.
  • In others, the crypto market may be readjusting back to its past state.
  • Yet once you reach a burning limit, the entire value of the asset is solely determined as a utility’s result.
  • For example, SHIB the native token of Shiba Inu has a 1 quadrillion total supply.
  • But around it is only in circulation.
  • A token having such a circulating supply mat is struggling to be valuable.
  • If you burn its circulating supply proportion it will aid in boosting its value like a deflationary token.
  • Before launching the new burn portal named SHIBBURN only 410 trillion SHIB or 41 % of the total supply of tokens was burned.
  • With the latest development, private holders can burn a lot of SHIB tokens.
  • Thus it plunged the market value of the digital asset.
  • DOGE also has a great circulating supply.
  • Yet no mechanism of burning is there.
  • Its total supply is not as high as that of SHIB, it may need fewer burning activities in comparison to massive supply assets.
  • The community of Dogecoin has been asking for a mechanism of burning as many strongly believe that it will be limiting maximum supply ultimately.
  • When it will happen, DOGE may be too witnessing a surge in the overall value during the long run.


Crypto burning is basically a measure that is taken by cryptocurrency projects for reducing the total supply of tokens. It happens mainly after a period of trading actively in the crypto market. Yet it will never always assure a crypto’s success in the market of trading.Want to know where cryptocurrencies can be traded thenhere is the official website Bitcoin smart.