Tesla-style Multimedia: Is it Worth it?


We look at the pros and cons of installing an Android device as a multimedia system.

With the appearance on the market of the Tesla Model S with its giant vertical display, as well as thanks to the efforts of Chinese craftsmen to replace simple complexes with android on board came giant vertical tablets, which not only play music but also replace the push-button control of the climate. Let’s try to figure out if this solution, popularly referred to as Tesla Style, is worth its money.

Tesla style Multimedia Is it Worth it


One of the main problems is the responsiveness of the screen and the usability of the interface. If you can still make something up with the second, fortunately, there are a lot of skins on the Web, then you can only come to terms with the lack of performance. At that critical problems may not appear right away. Out of the box, many of these complexes are very frisky, especially those that are more expensive. But as soon as the tablet begins to slow down – it is a verdict. The only thing that will save you is to replace the whole device, and that is again a waste.

Buttons for climate and audio system control are at the very bottom, which is not very convenient anymore, and also automatic transmission lever in mode P interferes

From personal experience with the tablet in the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (120) during a trip of six thousand kilometers is well remembered futile attempts to control the climate in the cabin. The screen at best times reacts to touch and sometimes refuses to obey the commands, but the music always can be switched.

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At first glance, the change from the old system to the big touch screen has only advantages. So let’s start with them. Nowadays most Tesla Style tablets are sold as complete kits, i.e. in addition to the device itself, there is a removable plastic plate in the box. Anyone who is familiar with a screwdriver and forums like 4PDA can install the device. You do not even need to take a soldering iron. The tablets have the right connectors from the factory.

As we mentioned above, the devices are controlled by an android, dressed in the right skin. From the tablet you can play video and music in all formats, sometimes even audiophile .flac, surf the web, see the maps on the large display, connect your phone via Bluetooth, display the rearview camera, or give all the passengers Wi-Fi. You can even read errors from the onboard computer. It seems to be a perfect solution, isn’t it?

But you have to pay for everything, and not only for money. But first, let’s talk about the price. Depending on the hardware configuration, Tesla Style price tags can be quite democratic. The simplest devices cost 150 dollars. More serious complexes are, of course, more expensive. They can go for 1 thousand and more.


Like with any other case of interference with standard car construction, the installation of Tesla Style tablet has its pros and cons, and every motorist should calculate if he is ready to take many problems for the possibility to watch a soap opera in traffic jams or to load his favorite “flack” playlist on the flash drive.

In our opinion, so far there are more minuses than pluses in this redesign, but it should be noted that progress does not stand still, and over time, Android tablets can go to a completely different level. Then the question of whether it is worth it will become completely irrelevant.