The 7 best apps to plan menus and organize your meals

Organizing meals, either weekly or daily, is a good way to plan what you will eat, eat a healthier diet and even avoid buying too many things that can end up in the trash. Therefore, we bring you the seven best apps to make weekly menus and organize your meals and that you can install on your Android or iOS phone.

Whether you are one of those who stop to eat at work, or if, on the contrary, you tend to pull the upper in front of the computer, with these applications, you can better plan your menu of the day and organize your meals to take away, for example, a more balanced diet and varied. Sometimes the lack of time makes one always eat the same thing, but with these apps, one can plan weekly meals.

The 7 best apps to plan menus and organize your meals

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In the same way, if you are passionate about gastronomy, do not hesitate to look at the eight best cooking apps and this other list with apps of healthy and homemade recipes. Below you can see the seven best apps to plan menus and organize your meals that you must try.


LifeSum is an app that offers a series of tools necessary to lose weight, such as a weekly meal planner. Lifeson has a paid subscription that provides specialized diets and advanced nutritional information, among other features. It also has a calorie calculator, diet tips, and an extensive database of healthy recipes.


Planifood is another useful app for planning meals. A tool that can learn from the user’s tastes to use this data to configure a personalized, balanced, and varied eating plan. In addition, it has social features, the possibility of synchronizing a menu for children or a menu based on allergies or health problems.

Food Planner

Food Planner is an app to create and organize menus that allows us to create our daily plans and save them in the cloud so that they are synchronized with all our devices. It even offers nutrition facts, the ability to create a shopping list, and a wide variety of recipes.


Domus is a weekly menu planner used to organize a group of people, like a family. The objective of this tool is to offer a private space where users can share photos, calendars, and lists, to create a weekly menu or shared shopping lists. All members can edit and annotate anything.

Noodle App

Noodle App is a meal planner in Spanish capable of suggesting healthy recipes only with what the user has in their fridge. Among its functions, the application recommends meals based on healthy recipes so that the user can have a more balanced menu without wasting food.


Mealime is an interesting tool to create healthy menus, which can be modified considering tastes or lifestyle. It also offers simple recipes that you can follow step by step, create a shopping list, and the ability to customize your profile and receive suggestions.


eMeals is another application to organize your weekly menu that can generate a shopping list with everything you need to cook. It also offers a great variety of recipes, although it is not a free app (it offers a 15-day trial) since it has different types of subscriptions.