The best chess games to enjoy on Android

Mobile games are a growing market, and today there are different types. In the meantime, there is also room for some classics, such as chess and checkers, that you can download and enjoy on your Android device.

In the list, you can find some other free chess games in Spanish, even checkers. They are two classic board games; even one (chess) is considered a world sport.

Chess games for Android: the best you can download

  • Chess
  • Chess
  • Ajedrez (Chess Free)
  • Chess – Play and Learn
  • Ladies
  • Checkers
  • Free Checkers Game

If you are a lover of these games, do not hesitate to look at the seven best chess and checkers games that you can download on your Android. It should also be noted that some of these games can also be downloaded on devices with an iOS operating system. Below you have the complete list of the chess and checkers games you must try on your mobile.


ChessChess is one of the most popular free chess games for Android. It stands out for having a realistic 3D design to enjoy the games of this strategy board game, ten-game levels that adapt to all users, tips, statistics, six different boards and pieces, and a mode for two players, among other details.


Chess is one of the oldest games strategies in the world in which two players must develop strategies, tactics, and visual memory to win games. With this title, which also stands out for having ten levels of difficulty and seven different themes, you can enjoy these games regardless of the level of experience in this beautiful sport.

Ajedrez (Chess Free)

Ajedrez Chess FreeChess (Chess Free) is one of the best free chess games for Android and one of the best rated. Among its characteristics, it stands out for having 12 levels of play – ranging from beginner to expert -, casual and pro modes and offering a chess tutor. This option shows the pieces that are recommended to be moved in each game, among other functions.

Chess – Play and Learn

A title that offers unlimited free chess games to improve your skills. Chess · Play and Learn has more than 38 million players worldwide. In addition, it also has more than 50,000 tactical puzzles, interactive lessons, videos, and a powerful computer with which you can play.


Checkers is a free game for Android in Spanish that lets you enjoy this popular board game directly from your mobile phone. A title that allows you to enjoy games against a computer (which increases the challenge) or against other real people offline for two players.


Checkers Game is a free checkers game for Android in which users can enjoy up to 5 levels of difficulty, a mode for 1 or 2 players, five different rules, and custom rules. A game that also offers eight board layouts allows you to play at home with or without an Internet connection.

Checkers Free

Checkers FreeFree Checkers Game is a checkers game that you can install and download for free on your Android smartphone that allows you to enjoy this board game from anywhere from your mobile device. If you are a lover of that board game, do not hesitate to take a chance on this title with an advanced Artificial Intelligence opponent. This intuitive interface offers tips to win games, among other features.