The Best PEMF Technologies


The Best PEMF Technologies

PEMF technology has been gaining popularity and garnering praise from all over the world lately. And why should it not? This technology came as a breakthrough in the medical space, providing a safe and healthy alternative to age-old medicines and invasive procedures. Several platforms, the best of which is ours, that is, have dedicated themselves to providing comprehensive and updated information about PEMF technology. From what PEMF technology is, when and how it originated, and how it works to the best types of PEMF products, we’ve got every information related to PEMF you can possibly think of.

While we’ve already educated our audience heavily about the basics of PEMF, now our aim is to introduce and educate them about the different types of PEMF technologies (devices) available in the market so they could make an informed buying decision based on their needs, budget, comfortability, and convenience. And that’s exactly what we’re going to be discussing today.

PEMF Basics: What Is PEMF And How PEMF works

So, basically, PEMF is a medical technology that aims to provide healing with the use of electromagnetic waves. This therapy is becoming so popular because it has managed to replace medicines and even surgery in certain cases, thereby providing patients with a noninvasive and risk-free treatment. From everyday nuisances like headaches and migraines to serious diseases like arthritis, PEMF therapy has been able to provide risk-free treatment for every kind of illness.

The mechanism of working PEMF therapy is pretty simple as well. What happens during this therapy is that a PEMF device (the types of which we’ll discuss later in this article) is placed in close proximity to a diseased spot (for example a sprained ankle or a wound) where the device emits electromagnetic radiation which penetrates the diseased cells and heal them from within. The electromagnetic radiation produced by the PEMF device heals the diseased spot by bringing the imbalanced electromagnetic charge in the diseased cells to a balanced level.

The Best PEMF Technologies

Today, PEMF technology has evolved a great deal, and so have the PEMF devices. A lot of new types of PEMF devices are available in the market today, designed to cater to various types of patients and diseases. However, people are not much informed about the innovations happening in PEMF technology lately and so they aren’t able to decide on the best treatment for themselves as effective treatment depends largely on the type of PEMF device you use, among other things. Having said that, we have come up with a list of all the latest PEMF technologies (devices) that are in use today so you could read about each type of device and decide which one suits you the best:

1. Full Body Mat

PEMF full-body mats are the most popular type of PEMF device used today. A full-body PEMF mat helps treat widespread diseases like full-body pain, inflammation, etc, as it easily targets the whole body and provides holistic healing with the use of low-frequency waves. These mats are portable and therefore highly convenient to carry.

2. Pulse Pad

As opposed to a full body mat, a battery-operated PEMF pulsed pad helps treat localized diseases like joint pain, headaches, etc. Because of their small size, they’re extremely easy to carry around. This is a budget-friendly option to invest in.

3. Mini Mat

If you’re looking for a smaller alternative to a full-body mat, a mini mat is exactly what you need! It allows you to easily sit on it, helping target whole organs rather than a localized pain spot. It’s a great option for travelers as it’s travel friendly.

4. Infra Mat Pillow

What could be better than replacing your regular pillow with a magical healing pillow (read: Infra Mat Pillow) that could help you sleep better, and relieve stress and anxiety? This great device helps target brain-related issues and helps with neck and back pain.

What To Consider Before Investing In A PEMF Device

Here are some things to keep in mind before you invest in a PEMF device:

  •   Safety: the device should be FDA-approved.
  •   Frequency: the device should match the frequency options needed to treat your illness.
  •   Size: the device’s size is according to the requirements of your illness and body.

Final Word

In conclusion, new and effective PEMF technologies (devices) have revolutionized the world of healing by providing patients with a customized treatment option allowing maximum healing and long-lasting results. Go over the list mentioned above and decide which device works best for you.