TOP 5 Most Promising Crypto Projects


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Today, the interest in cryptocurrency, or simply crypto, is enormous. Even the most skeptical people start to realize the huge potential of this new method of earning money. No one can tell for sure when exactly cryptocurrency was invented and by whom. Nonetheless, it quickly gained global fame. Millions of people all around the world actively use various coins (also known as tokens) to invest, buy, sell, and exchange on the terms that seem to be beneficial to them. Most of them really succeed and earn a lot!

You do not have to be a guru in finance and marketing to earn with various crypto funds. You only need to study the market to identify the most beneficial options. Define what tokens are on the rise and are promising in the future. Invest in them and consult an expert in the field (just to be sure). You can find a lot of helpful data at This is possibly the best broker site that specializes in crypto. It provides information about the most promising crypto projects at the moment. You only need to review the possible options to select the one that suits your needs and talents.

Some projects are about selling, buying, and exchanging. These are classical approaches. The recently new ones focus on gaming. You can earn if you place this or that game and win in it. We want to be helpful to our readers, so we have created this informative overview. It reviews the best 5 crypto options for the year 2022. Read on to learn crucial details about those 5 options.

Dreamboat Capital

The first crypto option is known as Dreamboat Capital. It was established in 2014. It specializes in the crypto markets of Indonesia, which are very prospective. This region develops rapidly, and if you invest in crypto smartly, you can earn a lot. Its significant benefits are as follows:

  • Regular updates;
  • Trend analysis;
  • Pro research and analysis;
  • 24/7 access and support;
  • Rich and vivid portfolio;’
  • The most profitable rates;
  • Full customization, etc.


The second option is called Polygon, and it is famous all around the globe. If you read other similar reviews, you will always find it among the most promising crypto projects for this and previous years. The main difference from most platforms is the use of launchpad technology in a peculiar way.

While many other similar platforms give the rights to gatekeepers, Polygon gives everything to its clients. Everything is decentralized, and everything is in your hands. As for the advantages offered by the platform, you will enjoy:

  • No restrictions and high scalability;
  • Fair pricing and return rates;
  • Various crypto-related projects;
  • Beneficial exchange rates to increase your income;
  • Smooth integration into any project;
  • Event-based Bitcoins;
  • Updated news;
  • In-depth analysis and research.

Shima Capital

The third crypto fund is called Shima Capital. It supports blockchain startups from all around the globe. It supports investors in various stages of growth. If you have opted for this strategy, this project is precisely what you need! Its main advantages are:

  • A deep network in Silicon Valley;
  • Access to the best Asian markets;
  • Regular updates;
  • Fair return rates;
  • In-depth analysis of the best crypto industries.

Anicoma Brands

The last crypto fund is called Anicoma Brands. It is a global leader in branded games. This fund creates a great variety of possibilities to earn tokens. It provides updated information about the latest crypto games, as well as new possibilities in well-known games. You will always have access to fresh news. Here are its major benefits for clients:

  • Regular updates and feedback;
  • Full customization according to your needs;
  • 100% decentralization;
  • No hidden fees;
  • 24/7 access to your portfolio;
  • Expert advice and tips;
  • In-depth analysis of the market;
  • Various possibilities for partnerships;
  • Fair prices and rates.


Chainbroker is another excellent resource for learning about crypto. This platform always provides accurate and valuable data about various features related to blockchain events, the latest crypto news, and so on. This website provides only updated data for crypto investors to know when and what to buy, sell, or exchange. It is known for multiple blog posts that suggest effective and interesting strategies. .

The Bottom Line

We hope we were helpful and clear enough to satisfy all your investment needs. We have highlighted 5 promising crypto funds in 2022. They have consistently been rated high before. Therefore, they have a high chance to be perspective in 2023 as well! Just check the options and guarantees they provide. Define which funds suit your finance style and select any of them.

Perhaps a combination of 2 or 3 funds will be even more beneficial than focusing on a single fund. You can also review other funds on our site or consult one of our experts to be sure what crypto fund is more suitable for your particular case.