10 essential tricks for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

A larger screen, color, interchangeable straps, higher battery, and an equally low price are just some of the features that endorse the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 bracelet as a good buy. We are not the only ones who think it; the Chinese manufacturer managed to sell more than 1 million Mi Smart Band 4 in just eight days.

The new model of the famous Xiaomi smart bracelet offers several reasons to buy it, such as playback and call control. In addition to these best-known functions, if you have the Mi Smart Band 4 on your wrist, it is recommended that you discover other of its secrets so that you can get the most out of it from now on.

Ten essential tricks for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Set a reminder, so you don’t miss anything

You no longer have to turn to your mobile to see the events you have scheduled in the calendar; you can receive notifications on the Mi Smart Band 4 so that you do not miss any key date. To use this function, you must download the Mi Fit app on your terminal to enter the bracelet from there.

Once inside the Mi Smart Band 4, access the Event Reminder, add the one you cannot forget, and edit its settings to choose the time, the duration of the reminder, and other details about the event. When the time comes, the bracelet will alert you of an important event on your calendar.

Customize the screen with different designs

AMOLED full color makes customizing the screen. My Smart Band 4 is a fun task to power choose from thousands of options. With the MiBand4 – WatchFace for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 mobile application, you can access a large catalog of spheres that will change the look of the bracelet in a few seconds.

To achieve this, enter the app and tap on the screen of the sphere with which you want to customize the screen. Next, click on the Install button and go to the Mi Fit app to enter the Profile section. Once inside, go to My devices> My Smart Band 4> Bracelet screen settings> My bracelet screens, touch the design you had chosen in the other app, and click Synchronize bracelet screen.

Customize the screen with different designsThat’s it; you just have to wait for the bracelet to sync without disconnecting it at any time. When the synchronization is finished, you will receive a notice, and you will see the new design on the screen of your Mi Smart Band 4. If the spheres of this app do not convince you, you can also look at AmazFace, with a catalog that brings together around 30,000 designs.

Protect your eyesight with night mode

Like the mobile apps, this Mi Band 4 also has a night mode for those situations in which there is little light around you, and the screen’s brightness can bother you. From Mi Fit, you can enter Dark Mode and set the period you want the brightness to be reduced to a minimum to protect your eyes.

Activate the lock screen

Having the bracelet screen unlocked makes it easier for unwanted touches on it to cause you “trouble.” To avoid them, we recommend that you activate the lock screen on those occasions when you know that you may accidentally touch it. From the settings of the Mi Band 4, you can enable that lock screen. To deactivate it, you have to touch on the screen and swipe up.

Activate the lock screenLock the bracelet for your safety and privacy

From the Mi Fit application, you can also set a wristband lock so that no one can use it when you remove it from your wrist. From the Laboratory section, you can enter a four-number code that you must enter to use the Mi Smart Band 4 when you have taken it off. In this way, you protect yourself from prying eyes, reinforcing your security and privacy.

Turn on the screen by lifting only your wrist.

If you get tired of having to touch the screen to see the time or check the notifications received, it is time for you to discover the wonderful function with which you will only have to wave your hand to turn it on. From the “Raise your wrist to see the information” section, in Mi Fit, you can activate this option, program it for certain hours of the day and even configure the response speed.

Turn on the screen by lifting only your wrist.Adjust the vibration level of the bracelet

One of the differences that praise the Mi Band 4 compared to the Mi Band 3 is the possibility of adjusting the vibration level of the bracelet. This function did not exist in the previous model. Again, you must enter Mi Fit and access the Applications Alert section, from where you can set a longer vibration for WhatsApp messages, something shorter for Instagram, etc.

Control video and music playback

Among the possibilities of this Mi Smart Band 4 bracelet, we also find the control of the playback of video and music apps such as YouTube or Spotify, to mention the most important. Can you imagine what you have to do to enable this control? Exactly, open the Mi Fit app and enter Manage applications, a section in which you must activate those apps that you want to control from the smart bracelet.

Take advantage of heart rate detection enhancements

Xiaomi has endeavored to improve the performance of its Mi Smart Band 4, so now the gadget offers you many more functions related to heart rate detection. The best thing is to enter the Mi Fit app and discover all the options included in the Heart rate detection section.

As you can see, it is possible to enable the automatic detection of the heart rate and the sleep assistant, edit the detection frequency or activate an alert about your heart rate for when you exceed the value that you set yourself.

Ensures the permanent connection between the bracelet and Mi Fit

The connection between the Mi Fit application and your Mi Smart Band 4 is key for the device to function properly. However, always having the app active can drain your mobile phone’s battery.

To prevent this from affecting the application-bracelet connection, it is best to enable Mi Fit to always run in the background. In addition, it is also recommended that you allow Mi Fit to have no restrictions when you activate the battery saver so that this function will not limit the activity of the app.

In this way, you will confirm that your Mi Smart Band 4 is always connected to Mi Fit without significantly affecting the phone’s battery. This, and the previous nine tricks, will allow you to make the most of the most outstanding functions of a Xiaomi Mi Band 4, in which you can even use Google Maps to receive directions.