17 Gages To Download Free Audiobooks

17 pages to download free audiobooks

We bring you a small collection of 17 pages to download audiobooks for free and completely legally so that you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want. Some of these pages are also used to download audiobooks or to borrow digital books, and others are exclusively for audiobooks.

This is our collection, but as we always say at Xataka Basics, if you know of other pages, we invite you to share them with everyone else in the comments section so that we can all benefit from the knowledge of our dear Xatakeros.



And we start with AlbaLearning, a non-profit page where you can find a wide collection of legally free audiobooks that you can download or listen to on the website. You have all kinds of genres and indexes of the most popular authors, collections, and books.

Being free audiobooks, most of them are from books that are already free and freely accessible to anyone. But it’s a good starting point to start finding books in this format, and their recommendations may help you make some discoveries. Also, by not looking for monetization, the downloads are simple and clean, without advertising, redirects, or anything.



Let’s cheat because Audible is a paid platform where you can listen to and download books on any device to consume them whenever you want. It has a catalog of more than 90,000 audiobooks available, and the incentive is that from time to time, you are given one to listen to whenever you want.

If we have included this platform in the list, it is because it has a free trial period that can be one month or three months if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. In addition to its extensive catalog, it also has exclusive books, all of them of high quality.


audio book

We continue with a great little page of audiobooks, with an old blog-type format but with interesting content. It stands out because, besides having audiobooks in Spanish and English, it also has some in Catalan or Galician, which is a small incentive for those who speak and understand these languages.

The negative part of this page is that many of the books are paid, although you have an exclusive section for the free available books. Moving through a blog-type format is also a bit cumbersome, although you have a search engine and a tag system to help you in this task.

Virtual Library Miguel de Cervantes

This important institution has been offering you a digital collection of classic works in the Spanish language since 1999 so that you can read them for free without having to register. Indeed, its formats are not the best, such as HTML, but it is an essential point if you are looking for historical works.

It also has some audiobooks, albeit from classic works. To find them, you only have to enter its advanced search engine, and in the Type of document, choose Audio. There you will have access to the audiobooks available to listen to them online and, once you are doing so, also to download them.



    • Web: bubok.esIt is a Spanish page where any author can self-publish their books. Most are paid, but you can also find some that are free. Apart from textbooks, you also have an audiobook section where you can find some. There are times when the book is paid, and the audiobook is free, having to write your email to receive it.