4 Netflix series to watch after the Good Fight

By now, you will know that The Good Fight is the sequel to the famous series The Good Wife, created by Michelle and Robert King. In The Good Fight, we have Diane Lockhart after leaving her firm after a financial scandal that leaves her bankrupt, so she must now fight for her future by working alongside Luca Quinn in his office.

4 Netflix series to watch after the Good FightThe series currently has four seasons available in the Netflix catalog in Spain; if you have finished them, we leave you a list of alternatives to The Good Fight that you will surely also enjoy.


Suits tell the story of Harvey and Mike, a lawyer and his protégé. The two will start working together in one of the most prestigious law firms in New York, rubbing shoulders with corrupt business people and corporations, often crossing the line between what is legal and what is wrong.

– Year: 2011.– Seasons: 9.– Episodes: 134.– Approximate duration: 40 minutes.

The Blacklist

This series focuses on the world’s most wanted criminal, Thomas Raymond Reddington, who turns himself into the authorities to begin betraying everyone who has come to collaborate with him. However, to collaborate, he requires only one condition: to work exclusively with Elisabeth King, an FBI agent with whom he has a connection that she is completely unaware of.

– Year: 2013.– Seasons: 8.– Episodes: 154.– Approximate duration: 45 minutes.

Better call saul

Spin-of of the well-known Breaking Bad. At Better Call Saul, we followed attorney Saul Goodman years before his encounter with Heisenberg. The series will confront good old Saul with various petty cases, gradually wrapping him up in a drug trafficking plot similar to that seen in Breaking Bad.

– Year: 2015.– Seasons: 5.– Episodes: 50.– Approximate duration: 47 minutes.

American Crime Story

Miniseries of two seasons, each centered on a case. The first season deals with the media trial of OJ Simpson, while the second follows the murders of Gianni Versace, perpetrated by a young homosexual man.

– Year: 2016.– Seasons: 2.– Episodes: 19.– Approximate duration: 45 minutes.