4 Smart Ways To Decompress After A Tough Week Of Work


4 Smart Ways To Decompress After A Tough Week Of Work

A typical working week can bring plenty of stress into our lives, which can spill over into our personal lives if we’re not careful. Stress at work is normal, but it is crucial to keep any stressors in your life to a manageable level, or else you run the risk of burnout. Knowing how to manage stress when faced with it can be invaluable to help you throughout your professional career.

It is also a good idea to know what your limit is – if you find that your job is consistently creating significant stress in your life, it might be time to start looking for a new role or career. There’s nothing wrong with finding a new place of work if your current role isn’t working out for you.

Do Some Exercise

This doesn’t have to be a gruelling workout at the gym – though it can be if that’s what will help you relax! Any exercise will help to release endorphins that help you manage your stress better. Consider going for a bike ride, playing a game of tennis or doing a yoga video tutorial at home. Do something that feels good, gets the blood pumping and helps you feel fresh and energised going into the weekend.

Breathe Deep

Breathing exercises have long been shown to help people manage their stresses and anxieties. Box breathing is a good example, which involves you breathing in, holding your breath, breathing out and holding, all to a count of four. This can help you to centre yourself and get your breathing back to a normal pace if you’re finding yourself worked up from stress.

Try A Game Of Chance

Gaming is a popular form of relaxation, and with good reason – gaming helps release endorphins which help us manage stress, making them a great way to unwind after a difficult day. Games of chance can be doubly effective, as they help you truly take your mind off your worries and get engrossed in the game. Choose games of chance from reputable places, like the online casino experts at Jackpot.

Book A Day Off

Sometimes work is just that extra bit stressful at times. This could be at certain times of the year or when working with certain clients or coworkers. If you know that you have a particularly stressful time coming up, consider taking a day or two off afterwards to fully decompress. This can help give you something to look forward to and work towards, even if you’re having a tough time at work.


Stress happens to all of us at some point, and there’s no shame in feeling worried or stressed out because of work. You’ll need to find the things that work for your own circumstances and lifestyle to overcome stress, but remember that it is normal, and it will pass. It may help to discuss your stress, anxiety or other worries with your boss or a trusted colleague – a company that really cares for you will want to help give you the support you need and deserve.