7 Common iPhone 12 Problems And Their Fixes At A Glance


The latest in the iPhone lineup from Apple, iPhone 12, has surely created some unrest in the market.

In the first seven months of its launch, the company has shipped over 100 million units.

However, even the best phones out there are not immune to problems. And iPhone 12 is no different.

It comes with its own set of issues, some of which are yet to be resolved by the manufacturer.

Nonetheless, here are the most common issues that iPhone 12 users have pointed out so far, along with their solutions.

7 Common iPhone 12 Problems And Their Fixes At A Glance

1. Display Problems

Upon its launch, many users complained about green tint and flickering issues in the display. The manufacturer quickly acknowledged the issue and released an update to iOS 14.

If you face a similar issue with your iPhone, make sure that you’re using the latest iOS. It should resolve the issue.

In case the issue is still not resolved, try adjusting the brightness of the display. If the tint and flickering issues are still not resolved, there could possibly be something wrong with the hardware.

It would be better if you take your phone to your nearest Apple Store to get it resolved.

2. Scratches On Display

iPhone 12 comes with Ceramic Shield, which is the world’s most durable phone glass. But, the durability is indeed the reason why the screen gets scratched.

In order to improve durability, the glass needs to be designed a little flexible. This is perhaps why it is also prone to scratching and indentations.

Nonetheless, there is an easy solution to this problem. Despite Ceramic Shield glass, it is better to get a screen protector for your phone. You can also consider an iPhone 12 case that keeps your screen off from surface contact to add more to its safety.

The case would keep your screen off the surface if you accidentally drop or place your phone upside down.

3. Below 100% Charging

Many iPhone users have complained that their phone does not charge 100% despite being left to charge overnight.

Well, to your surprise, it is not a bug or an issue. Indeed, it is iOS’s feature to optimize charging.

The feature charges your phone up to 80% pretty quickly. But then waits, depending upon usage and charging habits.

The reason why this feature was included in the package is to maximize the battery lifespan. So, you don’t have to replace your iPhone battery frequently.

4.Slow Charging On Wireless

iPhone 12 series arrived with 15-watt wireless charging. Increasing the power of wireless charging indeed helped improve charging speeds manifolds.

However, there’s a catch here – the faster wireless charging is only available with MagSafe chargers. With all non-MagSafe chargers, the charging would still continue to be at 7.5-watt power.

If your iPhone is charging slow, make sure that you’re using a MagSafe charger. Even if your iPhone is charging painfully slowly after using a MagSafe charger, check for its authenticity.

To your surprise, there are plenty of cheap alternatives on the market that claim to be MagSafe chargers. But indeed, they are not.

5. If Your Battery Drains Quickly

With iPhone 12, Apple did not make any battery life improvements. However, many users have reported their battery draining faster than expected. Or even in comparison to the previous iPhone models.

Notably, Apple did note this issue as reported by the users and made some improvements to the subsequent versions of the iOS 14.

Updating your phone to the latest version of iOS 14 should help resolve this problem.

In case the problem still persists, you can try some other tricks to optimize your battery usage. For example, you can try reducing the brightness, turn off background apps, and switch off your wifi when not in use.

6. Lens Flare Issue

Apple includes a wider aperture lens on the iPhone 12. And many users have actually appreciated this upgrade.

A wider aperture helps improve low-light imaging and the overall sharpness of photos. Besides, it also allows users to capture wider shots without switching to panoramic mode.

Unfortunately, some users have complained about lens flaring when clicking photos from iPhone 12. Note that it is precisely not an issue that needs to be resolved.

Instead, you need to point your lens away from the source of light. Yes, when you point your lens at a light source, it creates flared effects. Perhaps, you can use it to your benefit if you think a little creatively.

7. Network Connectivity Issue

To your surprise, iPhone 12 is the first from Apple to support the 5G network. And, of course, it takes the browsing experience to an all-new level for the users.

However, many iPhone 12 users report that their device does not connect with the 5G network, despite being available.

Please note that 5G is still in its nascent stage, and there are bound to be some issues. Besides, the availability of a 5G network does not always mean it will offer the desired Giga speed.

Unfortunately, there is still no resolution to this issue. Maybe as the 5G network improves, new developments may surface on the market.

Also, note that if your device shows a 5G icon in the status bar, it does not mean you are connected to it. iPhone 12 shows a 5G UW icon in the status bar when connected to a mmWave 5G network.

The Bottom Line

iPhone 12 is surely the latest product from the global leader in mobile technology. And as such, it is expected to be perfect in all senses.

However, perfection is a myth. And even the best technologies are bound to face issues.

Nonetheless, the good news is that these issues can be resolved.

As an iPhone 12 user, you would want it to perform the best and keep doing so for as long as you own it. But, as the owner, you also have certain responsibilities in maintaining its durability.

For instance, using protective cases and shields to ensure any accidental physical damage is a good start. Likewise, you should also ensure that you don’t connect to unreliable or open networks.

It may lead to virus infestation on your device, and, of course, you wouldn’t want that.

In short, there’s a solution to every issue. You just need to find it.