Adidas and Spider-Man: Miles Morales team up to bring the game’s sneakers to the real world: first images, date and price

Adidas and Spider Man

After the shock that we learned about the limited arrival of the Air Jordan Origin Story from Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse, now we will have a new opportunity to put on shoes Miles Morales’, although in this case, they will be the ones from the game.

The Adidas Low-Top that the protagonist of Spider-Man: Miles Morales wears in the game PS5 will be available to mortals in less than a month. A classic Superstar black and red with arachnid motifs on the back.

The Adidas Superstar Low-Top from Spider-Man will arrive at the brand’s digital store starting next Friday, December 4 at 00h. They will do it for 69.95 euros, which is far from the 150 euros that the Nike in the movie cost.

Next, we leave you with a collection of images of the shoes within the game and, of course, also of the version that we can wear in real life (if we are lucky with a purchase that will probably end up collapsing the website Adidas ). We are also waiting to see what finally happens with the High-Top .

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