After Beating 100 Maximum Temperatures In A Week, Spain Returns To Spring: Storms, Hail And Gales

After beating 100 maximum temperatures in a week, Spain returns to spring storms, hail and gales

The thermal roller coaster returns to our country. In a matter of hours, we are going to go from record temperatures (with 38.8 ºC the Córdoba airport registered on Thursday the highest temperature measured in April in mainland Spain) to a scenario, finally, much more spring-like.

And yes, “spring” means “locally strong storms, hail, and gales” in many areas of the country.

It’s not a surprise. We have been talking about this wave of “extremely anomalous” high temperatures for days, and yet we have somewhat forgotten what came next. But no, it’s not a surprise. A few days ago we commented that this trough that would enter from the west was one of the main elements that could moderate the heat event.

What is going to happen? Following the scheme of these days, while the east of the peninsula will continue with temperatures of more than 35 degrees, on Saturday most of the peninsula will enjoy thermal relief. The protagonist is, as I said, a trough that will increase the cloudiness of the country and, incidentally, will activate the convection.

This is a typical spring phenomenon. From the second half of April, the storms become a character: the sun heats the surface and the convection processes (which ‘order’ the air masses by temperature) are gaining weight. That’s what we’re going to see: warm surface air will rise and, in the process, storms (which can become quite intense locally) will form.

That’s the good news. Definitely. The thermal relief is going to be good for all of us (and especially for the forest mass and the countryside). However, as the trough that enters does not come with much humidity, the good news is moderate: it will rain heavily in some places (especially in Castilla y León, the Pyrenees, and the Iberian System), but large amounts are not expected.

And then? We are talking about many days, but right now everything points to temperatures rising again. The European ECMWF has already warned that this quarter was expected to be especially warm, but the unknown of the rains remains. And it will continue because there is no news in that regard.

No rain on the horizon. Because although all rain is welcome, the situation is becoming critical and irregular showers are not going to help us much.  Only widespread rains can mitigate the drought and, even though storms can mislead us, we are not in that scenario (nor will we be soon).