American Express Centurion: This Is The Exclusive Card For The Great Fortunes Of The Planet

American Express Centurion this is the exclusive card for the great fortunes of the planet

In Spain, we have our own —and thorny— history with black cards, but not all of them are involved in controversy and corruption. Some are simply exclusive tools for even more exclusive clients and with a good display of millions in the bank.

The American Express Centurion Card is perhaps its quintessential cube. Conditions, costs, and benefits aside, the card follows the same unappealable logic of exclusive clubs: you only get in if you’re up to it… Or, given the circumstances, your checking account is.

So exclusive is it that, as Forbes explains, if you’re reading about it, it’s probably not for you. Otherwise, you might have already received a call to join her club.

” If you don’t get it, you don’t get it,” he jokes, pulling irony, The Washington Post.

How exclusive is it? Yes. Absolutely.

Luxury to continue enjoying… more luxury

Luxury to continue enjoying... more luxury

To begin with, you can only get it by invitation or if, after requesting it, you have passed the criteria of its managers. If this is the case, prepare to scratch your pocket: the access fee is $10,000, and the annual fee is $5,000. If you want to add more authorized users, you must pay another annual fee of $2,500 per head. Regarding the minimum expense, Forbes explains that the estimates oscillate between about 250,000 dollars a year and millions.

The vast majority of mortal lumpen would have already stayed on the road, but if this is not your case, you have managed to overcome the sieve and consider its quotas and requirements tolerable; the truth is that the Centurion Card certainly has its advantages. The problem, again, is that you need to have a well-fed account to enjoy them. What good is more luxury if you can’t afford luxury?

The first advantage, and perhaps one of the most valuable, is exclusivity.

The Centurion is a mark of distinction, just like driving a Lamborghini with leather seats designed by Prada, flying in a private jet, wearing a 100,000-euro Rolex, or having an XXL megayacht wait for you moored in Puerto Banús. There is not much official information about the card. Still, American Express allows you to look at it: black and gold, supposedly made and at least in some cases with anodized titanium, its users receive it in exclusive leather packaging.

Once it is in your pocket, it is designed so that a world of luxuries and exclusivity is…

… Exactly: even more luxurious and exclusive.

Forbes reveals some of its advantages: elite treatment in some of the most luxurious hotel chains in the world, such as Hilton or Marriot, and special status when it comes to, for example, boarding or accessing VIP waiting rooms in the airports.

Using it, you also accumulate points you can later exchange for rewards when traveling or making more purchases. One of its strengths is its agreements with firms in the luxury market. Do you like five-star hotels? Why not enjoy it with a pinch of extras, such as even more luxurious rooms, special credits, or greater checkout flexibility?

Of all the advantages of the Centurion, perhaps the most interesting is that it allows you to enjoy the services of a personal advisor. I know something similar is offered by normal cards, designed for thousand-dollar accounts. In the case of the Centurion Card, however, you can take the full availability of the advisor to the letter without fuss or almost limits.

Do you want to give your brother a PS5 the day after tomorrow? No problem. She searches. What has the eruption of a volcano caught you while you were enjoying your vacation in the middle of Polynesia? No problem. He is already in charge of doing the paperwork, so you can return home comfortably.

“With Centurion®, you can access our exceptional customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which will help you with your requirements, no matter how small or large,” American Express boasts in its dossier on the card.