Why Your Business Needs iPad Kiosk Mode from an MDM Provider


iPad Kiosk Mode

As technology continues to advance, businesses are constantly seeking ways to improve productivity and enhance security. One solution that has gained popularity in recent years is the use of Kiosk Mode for iPad.

Kiosk Mode allows businesses to transform an iPad into a dedicated, secure, and user-friendly device, offering a range of benefits for both employees and customers.

Benefits of Using Kiosk Mode in Business

Reduced Distractions

Kiosk mode offers a more focused interface, reducing distractions.

Whether it’s a customer service representative accessing a CRM system or a retail employee processing transactions, Kiosk Mode ensures that the iPad is used solely for its intended purpose, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Unified Experience

With kiosk mode, businesses can restrict access to specific applications or websites. They can ensure that customers are presented with a standardized interface, making it easier to navigate and reducing the risk of confusion.

A unified experience is important in certain industries, like hospitality, where self-service kiosks can be used for check-in, ordering, or payment, creating a seamless and efficient customer experience.

Customer Empowerment

Kiosk mode can help empower customers and reduce pressure on your staff. For instance, in a retail environment, Kiosk Mode can enable self-checkout options, allowing customers to make purchases without the need for staff assistance.

Enhanced Security

In today’s digital landscape, security is essential for businesses. With kiosk mode, businesses can reduce the risk of unauthorized access and protect sensitive data. This can be especially useful in such as finance or healthcare, where privacy regulations are stringent. It can also be useful in the hospitality and restaurant industry, where security often goes hand in hand with brand protection.

For example, it’s less than ideal for a business’s brand if customers are installing unsuitable apps or accessing unsafe websites on corporate-owned devices.

Kiosk Mode on the iPad

You might be wondering if the iPad has kiosk mode. Well, according to one respected Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform, kiosk mode on iPad is called Guided Access.

Guided Access on iPad allows businesses to:

  • Lock a single app to the screen
  • Disable the power and volume buttons
  • Restrict access to the keyboard
  • Disable touch
  • Set custom time limits

However, Guided Access does not scale easily. Businesses with 10 or more iPads will spend far too many hours setting up and maintaining their devices. In addition, the mode lacks remote management. In other words, your IT team can’t make changes without the device in their hands.

Finally, the customization options are limited beyond some basic options.

iPad Kiosk Mode Through MDM Solutions

More businesses are investing in a specialized MDM iPad solution for advanced functionality. Here is a list of benefits of using iPad kiosk mode with an MDM provider:

  • Greater scalability than Guided Access. Quickly and efficiently scale from a handful of iPads to 100s with an iOS MDM solution.
  • While Guided Access offers some security, an iOS MDM offers corporate-level security to protect sensitive data.
  • An iPad mobile device management solution allows your team to conveniently change configurations, apps, and other settings from their workstations.
  • Rebooting the iPad will not break your kiosk mode. With an iOS mobile device management solution, kiosk mode is automatic upon reboot.

While Guided Access is useful for a few iPads, it lacks sophistication. Businesses can boost productivity, enhance security, and create a seamless user experience for both employees and customers by investing in a robust MDM solution for iOS.