Can you spy on Telegram? 2022 Methods Hackers Use


The security of its users is Telegram to fight against rivals like WhatsApp, or at least in that aspect, its creator Pavel Durov constantly takes refuge. Without going any further, the CEO of Telegram began 2022 by emphasizing that WhatsApp is not a secure communication platform, a statement that we have already heard on several occasions.

Okay, the Facebook-owned messaging app may not be that secure, but is Telegram? Are your conversations as protected as they seem? In this guide, we review the methods that hackers can use to spy on you on Telegram, something hazardous if we consider the private data you share through the service.

In addition to knowing these methods, we will see how you can see if you are being spied on on Telegram and the security tools that the platform offers you to protect yourself against this possible espionage.

First thing: Is it possible to spy on Telegram?

First thing

The answer is clear: yes, it is possible to spy on Telegram illegally. Hackers can use several methods, some simpler and others more complicated, to access your account and, in this way, all the conversations you have on the messaging platform.

Knowing that, yes, spying on Telegram is a possibility, it’s time to see what security the service uses to protect your private information.

What kind of security does Telegram include?

As Telegram explains on its website, the platform uses the MTProto protocol to ensure that the security of messages is not incompatible with sending them at high speed and reliability, even on weak connections.

Also, Telegram has two layers of strong encryption. First of all, it has server-client encryption that acts on cloud chats, both individual and group.

In addition, in the case of secret chats, the second layer of client-client encryption allows the exchanged content to be even more secure. On the other hand, Telegram adds the following:

The process is based on 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, RSA 2048 encryption, and Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange.

Based on Telegram’s explanations, its messaging platform is one of the safest you can use, especially when compared to WhatsApp or Line -they are specifically mentioned-. However, there are several methods that hackers can use to access your Telegram conversations.

What ways are there to spy on Telegram?

As much as it boasts of security and as much end-to-end encryption as it has, Telegram is not infallible. Below, we look at the most common options hackers can use to spy on your account. We repeat, they are natural methods but not legal.

spy software

spy software

One of the best-known methods to spy on another user’s Telegram account, and their mobile phone in general, is to install programs and applications specifically dedicated to it on the terminal. For example, mSpy is a software born to monitor children’s phones, but clearly, it can be used maliciously.

By installing this program on your mobile, the hacker can see everything you do with it, including how you chat on Telegram and all the information you exchange with other users.

As a positive point, you should know that pirates need direct access to your phone to install these types of applications. There is also a negative detail: they are invisible programs whose presence you will not be able to perceive on your mobile, which makes their discovery extremely difficult.

Telegram web open sessions

You are at work, in the library, or you use a friend’s computer to reply to pending messages through Telegram web. Later, when you finish, you forget that you were using the platform and turn off the computer with the session still open. When someone else uses your PC, they will have direct access to your Telegram account and will be able to spy on you without you noticing.

Although it may seem silly, leaving the Telegram web open on a computer can play tricks on you, so you should pay special attention to closing the session before turning off the device. In this case, the primary responsibility is on you .

Remote access to your computer

Using Telegram on your computer is possible through the web and desktop versions. It is always safer than using it on someone else’s computer, as we have seen before, but there is an option that puts the privacy of your conversations at risk, even if you use Telegram on your PC.

We refer to hackers’ remote access to your computer, again using software developed specifically for this function. Through this remote access to your computer, hackers can see everything you do with the device and control it. If you use Telegram on your computer, they can easily see your chats and all the personal information you share in them.

How to make Telegram more secure

Although there are espionage programs against which you can do little, apart from formatting your mobile or computer, some tools and practices can help you make Telegram more secure.

Get the most out of security settings.

Get the most out of security settings

One of the main differences between WhatsApp and Telegram is that the latter offers more tools to users related to security and privacy. By going to Settings > Privacy and security, you can configure functions such as who can see your phone number, your profile photos, or who can call you.

In addition, you can also create a lock code that must be entered every time you want to use the app and enable two-step verification.

Another Telegram tool that makes it difficult for hackers to spy on you is the secret chat, where you can chat with another user with certain security advantages. For example, messages are not stored in the cloud, they self-destruct, and their content never appears in notifications.

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to protect yourself against espionage is to use the tools that Telegram offers you. From here, we encourage you to try each of them to find out what they can provide you with.

Permanently close open sessions.

We have already told you before, but we repeat it because it is essential. Remember to permanently close the Telegram web session when you use the platform from your computer.

It seems small, but if you don’t lose access to your user, you give other people direct access to all your chats. Click on the button with three horizontal lines in the upper left corner, enter Settings and click on “Log out.”

Always close open sessions

Beware of public networks.

Finally, the last recommendation we make to you to avoid being spied on on Telegram is to be very careful when connecting to public networks, such as those in bars, airports, or shopping malls. Anyone with some advanced computer knowledge can enter the connection between your device and the public network and intercept all shared information, including all that from Telegram.

How can I know if I am being spied on right now?

Okay, all the information that we have discussed so far is essential, but how can you know if you are being spied on on Telegram? As in WhatsApp, in Telegram, you can see a list with all the active sessions of your account.

It is enough to enter this menu and analyze each one of the sessions to know if all of them are yours or if there is an infiltrator. If you suspect the danger of some of the sessions listed, you have to close it. Follow these steps to access open Telegram sessions and delete untrusted ones:

  1. Open Telegram.
  2. Slide the left side menu and click on “Settings.”
  3. Click on “Privacy and security.”
  4. Within the “Security” section, tap on “Active Sessions.”
  5. Analyze each of them and tap on a session to close it if it seems dangerous to you.

Remember the importance of this feature every time you think you are being spied on on Telegram. On the other hand, if you continuously perceive suspicious behavior from your account or directly from your phone, they may have installed some monitoring program to spy on you, as we have seen before. In this case, it is enough to format the mobile to eliminate any application of these characteristics.