MyHeritage and other apps like DeepNostalgia to animate photos and turn them into videos


The apps that bring static photos to life in MyHeritage and Deep Nostalgia style have gained immense popularity over the past few weeks. As technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning advance, the results are more and more spectacular, and videos deepfake created from images never cease to amaze us.

On Android, you can use many applications that allow you to animate static images, including MyHeritage with its spectacular Deep Nostalgia technology. Let’s go over the best ones.

Apps to animate photos: the best you can use on Android

  • MyHeritage
  • Wombo
  • MotionLeap
  • Movepic
  • PixaMotion

Not all applications to animate photos are the same. Some, like MyHeritage, use systems AI to generate animated pictures based on models trained through many other images to create ultra-realistic results. On the other hand, others allow you to add animated effects to photos to give them a unique touch before sharing them on social networks.

In this top, we have chosen a total of seven apps of this type that you can use on your Android mobile.

Apps to animate photos


MyHeritage is a tool that allows you to generate a family tree based on different data about us. It has become a fashion app in recent months. However, the feature that has led MyHeritage to go viral is DeepNostalgia, which uses artificial intelligence-based systems to animate faces in photos with a surprisingly realistic effect.

When uploading an image, MyHeritage allows you to create an animation with a high degree of realism and naturalness, which can later be saved in our gallery to share through messaging apps or social media.

Most app users have used it to animate old photos of their relatives and ancestors or to create animated videos from photographs of famous people.

The app can be downloaded for free, but it has a series of limitations that disappear in its paid version.


Wombo is one of the best alternatives to MyHeritage and Deep Nostalgia. Like the previous app, this one also allows you to animate the faces in your photos to generate animated images or videos.

However, this app has a focus social as among its features is the ability to make lip sync with popular songs, so it looks like the person in the photo the singing.

The android app allows you to upload your selfies or choose a photo from the gallery, either ours or someone else’s. You have to make sure that the face looks good enough so that the app can identify the features correctly before applying the effect.

Wombo step1

Wombo step2

Wombo step3


Selected in its day as one of the best apps for Android by the editors of the Google Play Store, VIMAGE is a fantastic app that allows you to create animated images from still photos.

VIMAGE does not focus its functions on deep fakes, unlike the previous ones. Instead, the app allows you to create artistic images with moving 3D effects and gives the option to add filters and edit the photos without the need to resort to third-party apps.


PLOTAGRAPH is an app that follows the same path as VIMAGE in the sense that it allows you to create artistic images with animated effects. It stands out for its ease of use and for many results it will enable to use.

It can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store, although it contains paid elements.


Formerly known as Enlight Pixaloop, MotionLeap is an impressive app capable of bringing our images to life thanks to its powerful editor. It has dozens of moving effects to add to our photographs.

It is one of the apps of its category with one of the most advanced image editors to modify any aspect of the photographs when adding the effects. The results are simply impressive, and its more than 50 million downloads on Android certify its quality.

Like the rest of the apps in this selection, Motionleap is free to download, but it contains some paid elements to unlock exclusive effects and other functions.


motto Movepic’s is “bring photos to life,” That is precisely what this allows you to do app to create animated images from photos.

Like Motionleap, Movepic includes a powerful editor. It will be possible to animate any part of an image simply by drawing a path, adjusting the speed, or creating loops.

It includes several presets to make your work easier. Still, it is undoubtedly best to experiment with various options until you can create the most impressive animated images.

Google Play | Movepic

PixaMotion – Photo Animator & Video Maker

We conclude the selection of applications to create moving photos from the mobile with PixaMotion, an alternative to MotionLeap that gives the possibility of adding various movement effects to the images, to end up creating artistic videos.

Its editor allows you to add movement to any element in the photo, from the clouds to the sky or a river—all of this through easy-to-use tools.

Google Play | PixaMotion