Is it too late to learn AI and ML in 2022?


Is it too late to learn AI and ML

Algorithms have gotten into everything from food delivery to your favorite streaming platform. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms decide the movie you watch, the news you see, and your insurance price, and sometimes algorithms even influence your vote. But tens of thousands of companies and startups need algorithms to improve their products and services.

In my opinion, you should never fear that you are too late or behind somebody in the field of AI and ML. Yes, it has become mainstream, but currently, only a select few companies can implement it on a large scale level. According to a report from MarketsandMarkets, the AI and ML market is expected to reach a whopping $190 billion by 2025.

But the change is faster than you think; a recent survey report released by IBM says around out of 4500 companies, 34% have adopted AI as a regular part of everyday technology (for large companies with 1000 employees, it’s 45%). Another fact that blows experts’ minds is that 39% of companies are preparing to have AI-related technology implemented in their business. According to IBM VP Ritika Gunnar, in the next 18 to 24 months, that’s probably going to change to 80% – 90% adoption of AI across the board.

Many companies have already started working with their new set of tools which has a critical role in UI, UX, and product design in AI. Organizations have started sprinkling AI into their products; it has become an everyday part of software development. Companies have already collected so much data now they have to mine, then convert and improve it to a better version of the existing one to make it easy to use, personalized, and target more skeptical customers.

These organizations may have a first-mover advantage, but soon you can join them. There are already many plug-and-play services that you can use within an hour or two, and you don’t have to build the whole thing yourself. These tools are available to all, and it’s starting to happen now for everyone, and it is readily available.

The last decade was mobile-defined digital product design, but Artificial Intelligence is already becoming the next big thing of this decade. The conventional ways of machine learning, firstly in the late 80s, are as transformative as the advent of relational databases to the websites in the ’90s or smartphones from the last decade. AI will surely become a regular part of everyday life like those technologies. Like everything you buy, whether a motorcycle or power bank has a chip processor, motherboard, storage, RAM, not before long, pretty much everything will have a little machine learning inside, and that would be no big deal. There is a rule of evolution in nature; everything has to evolve sooner or later. Tomorrow this technology will be within reach of all. One day we’ll be making software for everyday work. You can take the first step towards it with Great Learning’s Machine Learning courses.

While AI and ML may look similar in that, we provide a set of instructions or commands to the computer, and they keep getting better on their own without human interventions, there are some differences between them:

  • Artificial intelligence is a technology that imitates human intelligence and behavior. It has a wide scope, and machine learning and deep learning are the main subsets of artificial intelligence.
  • Machine learning aims to make computers smart to solve complex problems. It has a limited scope and can perform basic tasks like imitating accuracy and patterns.

Various industries are looking for machine learning engineers as artificial intelligence has many applications. The key to implementation is to use traditional and new cutting edge technology like ;

  • Automotive in which a particular vehicle has a lot of sensors wrapped around the car and collect numerous information at all data points and ml has the job of improving the chances of more pre-predicted and safe driving.
  • The supply chain is also an important part of our daily life, and it’s a headache for management companies to maintain stocks in warehouses, on-time delivery of goods to retailers, and material source optimization.
  • Finance is one big application of AI as it protects against fraud by optimizing and authenticating between two directories, dark web monitoring.
  • ML helps in administration, diagnostics, and care delivery management, among other areas.

Types of Artificial intelligence

As you know, artificial intelligence gives power to machines to have a mind of their own. There are many types of AI categorized based on functionality and applications:

  • Weak AI: It’s a basic type of AI used to perform beginner-level functions and cannot exceed its limitations.
  • Strong AI: This is used in most technology, products, and services. It can be trained by engineers but is under the control of humans and its limitations.
  • Super AI: It’s so powerful that it can surpass humans, learn independently, has no limitations as it trains itself, and gets better.

Some advantages and disadvantages of AI and ML

  1. Reduction in Human error. It is almost impossible for a machine to incur an error.
  2. Unbiased decisions. There are times when we all humans can have a bias, but if machines are trained for the good, they can make unbiased decisions.
  3. No creativity. A big disadvantage of AI is that it cannot learn to think outside the box on its own.
  4. This can lead to high unemployment. Perhaps its biggest disadvantage is that it will slowly replace humans in the future as it can take jobs that are repetitive in nature.

We can still invent this together. You’re right on time. It’s okay; you’re not behind, but we can start it now together with the Great Learning artificial intelligence online course for the PG Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in collaboration with the University of Texas, Austin, and Great lakes executive learning. We all know how difficult it is to cope with new-age technology and jobs, which takes most of our time, but the online mode of education is a great way to gain experience side by side learning and touch new boundaries of knowledge. If you want to start from scratch, then you can take free machine learning courses to build a strong foundation.