Key tips for property buyers in Dubai


Key tips for property buyers in Dubai

Apartments, villas, and townhouses for sale in Dubai are in high demand among property buyers from all over the world. But few people know that if they purchase a property on the secondary market, after moving to the country, they must take some measures to ensure their safety and comfort.

Confusing processes, working with several intermediaries, concerns about finding a reliable mortgage partner can discourage a lot of people. But everything is not so difficult if you approach the issue with knowledge and advice. 

External real estate inspection

Few people want to spend their free time on roofs, checking air conditioners or cleaning the kitchen sink on their knees, especially after moving to a new house. Although these tasks are tedious, they are crucial for creating a cozy and relaxing environment.

The first step is to walk around the house and check if the paint on the walls has peeled off. If you find defects on the walls, you need to cover them with a fresh coat of paint. In addition to aesthetics, paint has many advantages, including protection against moisture, rot, and mold.

Checking the water supply system

Finding flaws in the plumbing system at home is easier than it seems. A homeowner can find out about them by getting a high water bill at the end of the month. Therefore, it is better to act in advance and make sure that there is no:

  • leaky taps;
  • gurgling toilets;
  • overflowing sinks;
  • damp and moldy drywall.

The above list consists of the most common signs of leaking or clogged pipes. If the homeowner notices one of them, he should call specialists to prevent additional expenses to maintain the property.

Real estate cleaning

One of the first tasks that the owner of a new house has is thorough cleaning. Every corner, cabinet, shelf, and ventilation system must be cleaned. The buyer of the property can cope with this on their own or use the services of a cleaning company.

Electrical safety

Electrical safety requires careful attention to detail. The first step is to:

  1. Install protective devices on the sockets. If small children or curious pets live in the house, you should install plugs for sockets. 
  2. Replace worn wires. Worn wires can lead to a short circuit and fire.
  3. Do not use extension cords. Extension cords are a convenient solution for simultaneous charging of several phones or other devices that consume a small amount of energy. But when household appliances requiring high power are connected to them, the owner of the house endangers his life and property.

Several warnings that a home buyer should pay attention to

Keep in mind that there will always be unscrupulous intermediaries who can complicate the purchase process. Therefore, you should focus on several main aspects that should be considered as a warning:

  • Duplicate ads: agents duplicate sales announcements to offer other properties.
  • Fake ads: real estate that is not available but is used to collect contact information.
  • Unrealistic price below market value for no apparent reason.
  • Misleading photos: apartments or penthouses are intentionally enlarged; images are filtered to hide visible problems.

How is the buyer of real estate in Dubai protected?

The main feature of the Dubai real estate sector is buyer protection. The current laws and special bodies for monitoring the housing sector ensure the protection of each shareholder from unfinished construction and bankruptcy of the developer.

Basic measures to protect the buyer

According to the legislation, only licensed companies can be engaged in the construction of residential buildings. Each applicant for a license is strictly selected by the supervisory authorities.

There are two main bodies in Dubai: RERA (Dubai Real Estate Market Regulation Authority) and DLD (Dubai Land Department). They supervise both the work of developers and the work of brokers.

There is a special escrow account system in Dubai. This means that all investors’ and buyers’ money does not go directly to the developer, but to escrow accounts. The developer cannot access customer funds until he proceeds to a certain stage of construction. Moreover, the supervisory authorities control exactly where the money goes from escrow accounts after the transition to a particular stage of construction.

And if the developer goes bankrupt?

Even if there is a minimal risk of bankruptcy of the developer, each such case is considered personally by representatives of the Land Department and the Dubai Real Estate Market Regulation Authority.

If the developer declares bankruptcy and undergoes an official procedure, all investors’ funds remain in escrow accounts, which are used for repayment.

At the same time, if the developer goes bankrupt at the final stage of construction, the Land Department has the right to decide on the transfer of the project to another developer. All conditions are saved directly for buyers, which is additionally specified in the contract.

What laws protect the buyer?

  • Law No. 8 of 2007 “Law on Escrow Accounts for Construction Projects in Dubai”.

Provides legislative protection for each buyer when buying real estate (off-plan housing). Guarantees the crediting and saving of funds to special escrow accounts, regulates the targeted use of finances (only for construction purposes).

  • Dubai Administrative Decree No. 125 of 2001 “On the Adoption of Building Codes and Standards”.

This law ensures public legal control over compliance with all technical standards. In other words, the buyer can count on buying high-quality housing that meets international standards.

  • Article 390 of the UAE Civil Code.

This article indicates the buyer’s ability to apply to the UAE court to adjust compensation for non-compliance with agreements with the developer. For example, the investor can agree in advance the amount of damage that was caused to him due to the delay in the transfer of real estate.

  • Article 248 of the UAE Civil Code.

This article regulates the possibility of correcting or completely changing contractual provisions that, in the opinion of one of the parties, are unfair.

Thus, the buyer of real estate in Dubai is protected. Constant monitoring by the Government and supervisory authorities, as well as the legislation, minimizes all possible risks when concluding a transaction.

Assistance in buying real estate in Dubai

The best way to keep a cozy atmosphere in a new home is to conduct regular inspections. You can avoid all these problems when buying a property in Dubai if you contact professionals with extensive experience in the market. Moreover, to simplify these actions, you should pick up a quality property without flaws. This will be the easiest task for Emirates.Estate customers. You can visit the aggregator’s official website and check out the best offers on the Emirati market.