13 Best Sites to Stream UFC Live Online for Free

Stream UFC Live Online for Free
Stream UFC Live Online for Free

Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC, is an organization that offers training and competitions for different martial arts styles. The organization is among the sports growing faster in the modern world.

If you seek a way to stream UFC fight tonight live for free, this article is for you. It outlines the various websites for UFC live stream free online. However, you might want to protect yourself using a VPN when browsing across these sites. Read our blog to understand how you can install a VPN on your Chrome browser here.

1. SportLemon

SportLemon is a reputable website to watch UFC free live online streaming. According to its users, this fantastic option is regarded as one of the top sports streaming sites.

It broadcasts UFC and other sports while providing reports, broadcasts, and news related to or unrelated to the beautiful world of mixed martial arts. The only issue with this website is that it is only available in English. However, you should be able to navigate the website with ease if you know a few language words.

Also, the favorable point is that you will see a complete list of the entire sports itinerary for the day on its homepage so that you do not lose anything.

2. Roja Directa

If you never knew, RojaDirecta is one of the best-known sites to watch UFC Online Live and for free. This platform is complete, despite not being paid. It broadcasts most mixed martial arts matches, but it shows numerous adverts which are tedious and annoying.

Its interface and mode of use are very fast and straightforward, so you can easily enjoy your favorite UFC fights through this website. Also, if the channel is not on your platform, this will provide you with links to other websites where you can see what you are looking for.

To access the UFC fights, you must use its search engine, located in the upper right. You will find a broadcast list on the main page but only of the most popular or highest demand events.

3. Feed4U

Feed4U is one of those web platforms with no cuts or interruptions in their UFC broadcasts. This is a significant benefit, especially since it is an entirely free service website. It also broadcasts other sporting events, such as championships, tournaments, and UFC. Boxing tournaments are one of them.

One of its drawbacks is that your internet connection must be fast and consistent to get the most out of watching UFC fights on this platform. If not, you should expect a lot of breaks and pauses because transmissions are frequently heavy.

The transmissions are hefty due to the web’s desire to provide you with the most satisfactory possible service.

4. Fight Live

As the name implies, Fight Live’s platform concentrates on broadcasting fighting, boxing, and mixed martial arts events. It is a lesser-known website, but it is a fantastic alternative for watching the UFC for free and without interruptions.

Among its significant advantages is providing various viewing possibilities for the battles. For this reason, if one of these solutions fails, you will be able to switch to another without difficulty.

Its major flaw is that it generates a lot of exposure, which may become overwhelming and bothersome after a while. Regardless, we propose that you watch the UFC fights on this website.

5. Mama HD

Mama HD is one of the significant free venues for broadcasting sporting events, including the UFC. Matches, games, competitions, tournaments, and conflicts are all aired live on this website. It has an enjoyable interface, and navigating through it is quick and straightforward.

Because it is free, one of its drawbacks is that it might display many adverts and annoying advertising, making it challenging to navigate through.

6. Sports Zone HD

Among the website’s most notable features is its home page, where you can view all of the sporting events and their timetables, which are adjusted to the time zone where you are.

It not only broadcasts free UFC fights online, but it also broadcasts other sports that you might enjoy. Similarly, it delivers live broadcasts and material such as reports, analyses, and statistics for all of the sports covered by Zona Deporte HD.

To watch your favorite matches, you have a variety of selections and channel alternatives. Similarly, if the UFC event you want to watch isn’t relevant, it won’t show up on the main page, so you’ll have to use the web’s search engine to find it.

7. Pirlo TV

Pirlo TV is one of the greatest UFC streaming websites. This website provides you with a completely free athletic events service that is typically only available on well-known sports networks like DirecTV and Fox Sports.

The interface’s navigation is straightforward and quick, and you’ll be able to see the events that will be broadcast and their timetable throughout the day. You have 20 networks to choose from to watch the fights, with most of them being shown live.

8. Acho TV

You can watch UFC matches, championships, and fights on this sports event broadcast website. All of the stuff is completely free and simple to use.

Your live broadcasts are of outstanding quality. Besides, there is no need to be concerned because they are not delayed, allowing you to witness the UFC combat you desire.

The only significant disadvantage with the Acho TV platform is installing the Flash program to view the feeds properly. This app must be downloaded or installed on the device where your favorite matches will be displayed.

You should be able to watch Eurosport live via Acho TV after downloading or installing the Flash software. You will be unable to view anything if you do not have it. So, it is an entirely mandatory process.

9. Match TV

13 Best Sites to Stream UFC Live Online for Free

Match TV is a highly recommended website for fine-tuning UFC live events. However, most users have expressed dissatisfaction with the site’s performance on their mobile devices. The issue stems from the fact that live streaming is only available in Russia.

For this reason, consider obtaining a VPN, either free or premium, and connect to Russian servers. That is how you will view all of the free sports events available on this website.

The Russian president commenced the website; thus, streaming is fast, and there have been no issues on the website so far. As you’ll be watching the next stream for free, make sure you have a fast internet connection and some popcorn and drinks.

10. Stream 2 Watch

Another popular way to view live sports events is through Stream 2 Watch, where you can live stream any UFC match without cable. The most significant benefit of using it is that it eliminates the requirement for a VPN service.

It works in all countries, and there’s no need to create a free account to use it. On Stream 2, there are approximately 100 different events to watch. This is fantastic since sports fans will access critical events such as the UFC, WWE, Bellator, ONE Championship, etc.

11. Sports TV RAR

Sports TV RAR is one of the most popular UFC streaming sites for people who don’t have cable. It includes a variety of sports networks, such as Eurosport, TT Cup, and others. The availability of channels is one of the benefits of using it. The UFC matches are broadcasted live on any From Hot live streams.

Millions of individuals use the website to receive free access to various streaming channels. So what are you waiting for? Make careful to experiment with several streaming uplinks to find the optimum one.

There is a specific category for each form of sport on the screen. This makes it easier to find the UFC streaming and move around the website. Because the Ultimate Fighting Championship is such a popular sport, From Hot will undoubtedly feature a prominent link on their homepage.

12. Hulu

Hulu offers a free 7-day trial which you should opt-in. That’s because Hulu is a legal provider of UFC streaming, and many premium features are provided to the user. Hulu live TV is accessible by the browser. The website is responsive even if used from the mobile browser. There’s also an android app offered for free on Play Store. Make sure to download and try it, but it’s available in selected regions.

The free trial gives you access to free UFC streams. Besides, numerous additional relevant TV channels, movies, and other media are available. If your Hulu TV develops some playback errors while streaming, read our blog post here to solve the issue.

13. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is extremely popular for various reasons, including the fact that it is a fantastic platform for streaming all of your favorite sporting events. It not only contains UFC games, but it also has football, cricket, rugby, F1, golf, NFL, NBA, boxing, racing, and many other major sports.

You’ll stream the various games in real-time and, more importantly, for free! You’ll still need to create an account to watch. Also, there are few commercials on this site, and there are a lot of live streaming channels, which is excellent.


Finally, we have the various sites to live stream UFC fights for free. Ensure you have an excellent network connection to improve your watching experience. Besides, consider using a VPN like NordVPN to surf the sites anonymously. Read some of the smart tips to apply when choosing a VPN on this blog.