Best Starzplay series: you have to see them yes or yes

Outside the circuit of mainstream platforms, we want to offer you the opportunity to get to know Starzplay, the home of some of the most outstanding series of recent years, but which in our country have not just reached the general public. If you want to know his best series, as we already recommended at the time, for example, the best options on Netflix, we invite you to stay with us for a few minutes.

Best Starzplay series

The Night Manager offers a great interpretive duel and the tension of the great novels.

The wide variety of content on Starzplay will surprise you, although not as much as the number of great proposals that try to reach all kinds of audiences, whether you like shocking thrillershistorical dramas, or, for example, superhero stories that they had never been narrated.

This Starzplay series list is packed with powerful, haunting, and dramatic experiences.

Whether you enjoy horror and suspense, as in Rosemary’s Baby, or if you prefer spy stories, in The Night Manager, we have the perfect series for you,

  • The Girlfriend Experience
  • Rosemary’s baby
  • The act
  • Gangs of London
  • Power
  • The Night Manager
  • MotherFatherSon
  • Pennyworth
  • Dublin murders
  • Penny dreadful
  • Heels
  • Channel Zero
  • Sweetbitter
  • Normal People
  • Run the world

The Girlfriend Experience

Usually, television dramas tend to lengthen, both in chapters and in duration, but this does not happen in this first proposal that we bring you. This series, available on Starzplay, shows us the world of company women throughout its three available seasons, but with great support in the background of their personal stories and using sex as a way of passage towards drastic changes in their lives, in addition to the subtlety of the production, away from works that only seek fresh meat with which to attract their viewers.

– Year: 2016– Seasons: 3– Episodes available: 33– Approximate duration: 25 minutes

Rosemary’s baby

To nothing that you like the world of cinema, and you consume content beyond your time, you will know the masterpiece of Roman Polański, one of the most distressing horror films of our history, and which is based on the novel by Ira Levin. In this case, it is very worth reviewing this new twist to the classic, with the always magnificent Zoe Saldana, who will take us to meet a pregnant woman who is starting a new life in Paris, where they will meet a classy married couple high, hiding terrible secrets. The darkest part? That her future child could be the center of the conspiracy.

– Year: 2014– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 2– Approximate duration: 80 minutes

The act

Without a doubt, although the quality of the series that we are recommending is through the roof, this would be one of our first choices. Under the umbrella of a story based on real events, with characterizations that almost nail the real characters, we will learn about the life of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and the murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. A girl, whom her mother protects so much that she can invent diseases that do not exist, ends up rebelling against her when she discovers everything that has been missing in life because of her.

– Year: 2019– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 8– Approximate duration: 50 minutes

Gangs of London

If you want a little more action and enjoy the comings and goings of modern gangsters, this time located in the city of London, this Starzplay proposal will be your most faithful companion. When the boss of one of the city’s largest criminal organizations is assassinated, the peace that dominated the streets of London will be broken, leaving a power vacuum that must be filled. A story where violence is nothing more than the most effective method to get the truth and where peace is only a truce until the next battle.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 10– Approximate duration: 60 minutes


Much has been written, read, and narrated about drug trafficking, money laundering, and the struggle for true power, which comes out of banknotes and banks around the world. On this occasion, we will witness a drama that has been on the air for years and that presents us with the complicated world of drug traffickingnightclubs, and security forces agents dedicated to persecuting suspected criminals. The Starzplay bet is as attractive as the staging, including the appearance of 50 Cent, one of the most recognized rappers in the United States, who is also the producer of the work.

– Year: 2014– Seasons: 6– Episodes available: 65– Approximate duration: 60 minutes

The Night Manager

John le Carré, one of the most influential novelists in the spy genre and to whom we owe works such as The Russian House or The Spy Who Came from the Cold, is responsible for the work at hand, at least in a fairly faithful adaptation that calls on us to meet a former British soldier, Jonathan Pine, played by Tom Hiddleston, who an intelligence agent recruits to infiltrate the inner circle of arms dealer Richard Onslow Roper, with Hugh Laurie as the antagonist. Winner of many awards and nominations, this television series is one of the best examples of the spy genre.

– Year: 2016– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 6– Approximate duration: 60 minutes


Don’t tell us it’s no cause for celebration to enjoy renditions of the classic Richard Gere one more time. This television series, available on Starzplay, offers us one of the most powerful stories of the entire list of recommendations, not only because it uses the power of the media as a weapon, even against the protagonist’s own family, but because there are We have to applaud the drums of such spectacular performances that we can enjoy, including the presence of Elena Anaya. The serious condition of the son of the protagonist couple will make details and secrets come to light that they were better buried.

– Year: 2019– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 8– Approximate duration: 60 minutes


The story that surrounds one of the best-known superheroes in the world of comics, the Dark Knight of Gotham, has been told countless times. However, there is a recurring character in his plots that has not been given too much attention. With a dark past as a former British Army special forces soldier, Alfred decides to start his own security company and work with millionaire Thomas Wayne in the 1960s, before Bruce himself makes an appearance and becomes batman. He turns out to be the protagonist of this series of Starzplay, the butler of the Wayne family, Alfred Pennyworth.

– Year: 2019– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 21– Approximate duration: 60 minutes

Dublin murders

The Dublin Murder Squad series of books, written by Tana French, is the inspiration for this television series, available on Starzplay, British. Rob Reilly is an English detective who will visit Dublin to investigate the murder of a young woman with his new partner, Cassie Maddox. The fight between the old and the new Ireland, in addition to the protagonist’s own internal ghosts, will be the trigger for an investigation that will go beyond mere police work.

– Year: 2019– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 8– Approximate duration: 60 minutes

Penny dreadful

When the television series began to capture the attention of the great producers, actors, and actresses of the film scene, this series was available on Starzplay to get a mixture of diverse critics. However, with stories as different as they were captivating. The action takes place in Victorian London, at the end of the 19th century, and will narrate the appearance of famous characters from folklore and literature of the time, such as Dorian Gray, Dr. Frankenstein, or Dracula. As a curious fact, you should know that Juan Antonio Bayona directs the first two episodes of the series.

– Year: 2015– Seasons: 3– Episodes available: 27– Approximate duration: 50 minutes


When the rivalry reaches the family bosom, the stories turn into epic dramas. In this television series that begins its journey on the Starzplay platform, two brothers will become rivals on the ring, facing off in various scheduled matches while fighting to promote their deceased father’s wrestling. This fight between brothers will end up moving to the national level from a small town in Georgia.

– Year: 2021– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 1– Approximate duration: 60 minutes

Channel Zero

Initially created and distributed by HBO, this television series terror, arranged as an anthology, invites us to enter a field as uncharted as strange, both frames looking fret as discrete results offered to the viewer. Although its seasons are increasing in quality, this Starzplay television series is not recommended for all audiences. Rather, we would say it is designed for fans of horror and horror series B, wanting to explore the madness of its creators.

– Year: 2017– Seasons: 4– Episodes available: 24– Approximate duration: 40 minutes


We are facing another of those series that owes part of its argument to a homonymous novel, in this case, written by the writer Stephanie Danler, and that tells us, in its first season, how Tess arrives in New York City, getting a job in one of the best restaurants in the capital. From the first moment, Tess will know what it is to wake up her whole being, deceived by sex, drugs, and luxury, while she learns to live in a city that never rests and to solve the problems that arise.

– Year: 2018– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 14– Approximate duration: 30 minutes

Normal People

Ireland is the destination that this television series will show us, available on Starzplay, and that will show us the lives of Marianne and Connell, students from the County Sligo High School, although later they also ended up studying at Trinity College. Marianne is considered one of the rare girls in high school, while Connell is the typical student with great gifts for sports. The relationship that is developing between the two, in addition to the social issues that are dealt with in the plot, makes this series one of the little jewels of Starzplay.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 13– Approximate duration: 30 minutes

Run the world

Released in 2021, this television series, broadcast by Starzplay in Spain, will show us the life of a group of African-American women in the Harlem neighborhood, one of the most iconic in New York City. The story at hand is about the place that this group of girls, best friends and loyal to the death, occupy and should occupy as they strive to dominate the world around them. This production is a hymn to life and friendship, as well as a sample of how cinema and series starring women always show us the other side of society, a side where friendship and innate strength are its main axes.