Can You Get Security Cameras Without Wifi?


Can You Get Security Cameras Without Wifi

In an era full of Wi-fi security cameras, can you get security cameras without Wifi? Even though there aren’t many options for cameras without wifi, there surely are a few options that you can pick. However, check this guide out to know more about security cameras without wifi!

Can You Get Security Cameras Without Wifi?

Yes, you can get security cameras without wifi. There are 4 popular types of security cameras that don’t require Wi-Fi to work. Have a look…


The full abbreviation of CCTV is closed-circuit television cameras and such cameras are mostly used in businesses, and organizations for surveillance. CCTV cameras require several monitors. If you have installed only 1 camera then a single monitor should be fine but for over 6 cameras you’ll need several monitors for good vision.

Such surveillance cameras use either DVR or NVR for footage storage.

Analog Cameras

These cameras capture video and directly transfers the recordings to the digital video recorder via coaxial cable. Analog cameras are suitable for long cable distances which makes them a perfect pick for schools, parking lots, campuses, etc.

It captures recording with a full-frame rate without any compression in order to make the footage look smooth and clean. With such cameras, you can expect to see every detail which is why they are mostly used in businesses like casinos where you need detailed information.

However, the drawback of this camera is the image resolution is limited. Now there are better cameras with increased resolution.

IP camera

This one receives control data and sends image data through an IP network. IP cameras started their journey in the 2000s and from then to now they are growing and growing. However, even though once IP cameras had an affordable price tag, now they are on the expensive side due to the upgrades.

The resolution you’d get from an IP camera is far better than analog cameras. It has great image quality as well which allows you to even get some forensic details like a license plate, face, etc. easily.

There are many variations on IP cameras, it could be bullet, fishey, multi-image, dome, or more. For anyone looking for home security cameras without wifi, IP cameras are their best bet.

HD Over Coax Camera

These cameras are pretty versatile as they offer real-time video data from camera to recorder directly. And that too very slightly compressed. Overall, with this camera, you can expect to get crystal clear images and video footage. One drawback of this camera is it requires a copper core cable, otherwise, it won’t work.

What Are The Advantages Of Security Cameras Without Wifi?

To be honest, there aren’t many advantages of non-wifi cameras compared to wifi cameras. Still, we’ve pointed out a few.

  • With non-WiFi cameras, you won’t have to worry about hacking. Yes, cellular data can be hacked but the chances aren’t as high as Wifi. Doesn’t matter how secure the Wifi network is, it can still be hacked.
  • There is very less chance of connection drop in non-wifi cameras as they are connected via cables. As long as the cables are connected, the camera will continue to don’t what’s happening outside.
  • Wired or non-wifi cameras don’t use cloud storage for footage, they mostly use DVR. So with a Non-wifi camera, you are saving some money as well.
  • You can expect to get consistent video quality from Non-wifi security cameras as they are connected through cables.
  • With a wired camera, you won’t have to worry about the battery running out of charge. It is one of the best perks of wired cameras, as long as there is electricity, the camera will keep recording.

Disadvantages of Non-Wifi cameras

  • They are hard to install as there are a lot of cords to deal with. Plus, you’ll need an expert to set up a non-wifi camera for you.
  • Even though there aren’t many perks of Non-wifi cameras, they are still more expensive than wi-fi cameras. And that’s probably due to their reliability.
  • Some non-wifi security cameras do come with apps but most of the time those apps aren’t as advanced as wifi cameras.
  • Security cameras without wifi won’t work with smart home systems like Alexa or google assistant.

Are Security Cameras without Wifi Harder to Install?

Compared to wifi cameras, installing a wired security camera is pretty hard and time-consuming. Wi-fi cameras don’t come with any cables, you just have to mount the camera on the right angle and then connect via app.

But the scenario with wired security cameras is completely different. First of all, you’ll have to deal with loads of cables if you are installing a couple of cameras.

Then draw those cables through the wall or anything else so that it doesn’t interrupt or get interrupted by anything or anyone. Once the cameras are mounted, now you have to connect them to DVR or anything similar for footage storage. And then you got the monitors to set up.

Most of the time people require an expert who would install the cameras, doing it on your own is pretty irritating.

Frequently asked questions

Can Wireless Cameras Work Without Wifi?

Surely they can. Not all wireless cameras require wifi to be operated. Some work without wifi connection.

Do All Home Security Cameras Require Wifi?

Not at all. All home security cameras don’t require wifi. Some surveillance cameras run by local connection, some use data to operate, and some use wifi to operate.


So can you get security cameras without wifi? If you have gone through the entire guide, you know the answer. However, the popularity of non-wifi security cameras is slowing down as wifi security cameras offer a lot of benefits.

Wifi cameras are handy, they are lightweight and easy to install, plus, they come at a lower price than non-wifi cameras. Whatever it is, I hope this guide helps.