Do You Want To Distribute For Amazon? You Will Start Paying Up To $25 An Hour To Do It

Do you want to distribute for Amazon You will start paying up to $25 an hour to do it

Although controversial, Uber has launched a business model in which the users themselves perform the services offered by the company in exchange for remuneration. Amazon seems not to want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of this trend and has launched a new service called Amazon Flex in Seattle, United States.

With Amazon Flex, users will be in charge of distributing Amazon Prime Now orders that are delivered in one hour. With this movement, the online store gains speed in delivery by not depending on the schedules of transport agencies, while those who work as delivery men will be able to earn between 15 and 20 dollars per hour.

Amazon Flex, the Uber of deliveries

The requirements to apply for this program are to be over 21 years old, have a driver’s license and own a car, and have an Android smartphone. The company will verify the background of some candidates who, after being accepted, will be able to choose between blocks of 2, 4, and 8 hours of work and will be able to distribute seven days a week. In addition, another block of 12 hours of work will soon be enabled.

This service has been created to be used only for local deliveries. Amazon makes available to delivery drivers a specific mobile application that will notify them of a nearby point to pick up a package, and then give them an address within a local radius to which they will have to take it.

Although at the moment it is only available in Seattle, Amazon intends to launch this service in other large North American cities such as Dallas, Chicago, Miami, and New York. They already have a web page available to register on, although it only explains the service and does not detail important factors such as the number of registered users or what happens if a package fails to be delivered on time.