4 Ways to Colorize Black and White Photos Automatically


Ways to Colorize Black and White Photos Automatically

Back then, there were cameras that could only capture black and white photos. But modern technology lets you bring color back to old photos. Since vintage photos are rather delicate and often are damaged quite severely, it’s important to use a program that you can rely on. You can find myriads of automatic tools available on the market, and we are going to show you some of the best options you can choose from. Let’s take an in-depth look at 4 standout programs that you can use for this job right now!


DeepAI is an AI platform that offers a range of image processing services, including automatic colorization. By leveraging the power of deep learning algorithms and computer vision techniques, DeepAI can analyze the grayscale values of a black and white photo and accurately predict the most suitable colors for each pixel.

This website has some other AI tools for various editing tasks. It allows you to erase the background in your images, clarify photos and change the resolution, and edit pictures using prompts. You should be careful when typing in your prompts to get the desired results. If DeepAI doesn’t work properly, change the prompt and try multiple times.

However, this auto program lacks customization – there are no tools to control or customize the colorizing process. Besides, this service requires a stable Internet connection for processing your images.


Another way to colorize photos automatically on a PC is by using PhotoGlory. This is an AI-powered photo restoration program that allows you to bring old pictures back to life. PhotoGlory automatically converts grayscale images into colorful ones, but it also lets you colorize photos manually.

Along with automatic colorization, there are also features for removing defects, from minor to major damages. Whether you need to get rid of scratches, stains, or dust, you can do it with no effort. What’s more, you’ll find 100+ one-click filters and 3D LUTs in this program – these effects will help you enhance and stylize your old pictures in a moment. PhotoGlory is designed with beginners in mind, so you can master its intuitive features right away.


Media.io Colorizer

Media.io is an online platform that allows you to convert audio files and videos between various formats. But it also features a tool named Media.io Colorizer. This is a simple browser-based tool that makes colorizing black and white photos accessible to all. This program eliminates the need for complex software installations or technical knowledge. With just a few clicks, Media.io Colorizer automatically adds color to black and white images, making the process quick and hassle-free.

Although it may not offer the same level of customization as other programs, Media.io Colorizer is perfect for those seeking a quick way to colorize their photos. The platform offers a few tools for basic adjustments as well. You can sharpen a picture, fix colors, and upscale an image. But there are limitations you need to consider. For instance, the file size should be below 10 MB for upscaling your photo. Media.ia is an online service, but you can also download it to your computer.

Hotpot AI Picture Colorizer

Hotpot AI Picture Colorizer also lets you automatically colorize black and white photos. It offers a range of artistic styles, allowing users to transform their photos into various color palettes, from vintage tones to modern aesthetics. With this service, you can experiment with different styles and create colorized images.

The program’s clear interface and vast collection of styles make it an exciting choice for photographers and digital artists looking to add a touch of creativity to their photos. Hotpot AI Picture Colorizer is also a suitable option for regular users who want to restore their family photographs to pass them down to the next generation in better quality.

But keep in mind that the service resizes your pictures and reduces the image quality after you download them. You also need to get credits or purchase a license to use files edited with Hotpot AI Picture Colorizer for commercial purposes. By the way, this platform often runs collaborations with influencers and educators. If it sounds like what you do, you can try requesting discounted or free credits for tweaking your pictures with this online photo editor.

Final Thoughts

This is how you auto colorize black and white photos! As you can see, there are numerous programs that offer this feature, including online and desktop photo editors. In this article, you have discovered 4 go-to programs you can choose from: DeepAI, PhotoGlory, Media.io Colorizer, and Hotpot AI Picture Colorizer. Whether you prefer manual control and customization or an automatic tool, these programs offer the features needed to transform your black and white memories into vibrant images. Now, you can pick the tool that suits you better and restore colors in your old pictures like a pro.