The 7 best apps to remove pimples and blemishes from your photos


Don’t worry; you are not the only person who has been bothered by seeing their photo ruined by a grain or some unwanted imperfection. However, there are many tools that you can use on your mobile to remove them easily. So this time, we will present you with the best apps to remove pimples and blemishes from your photos.

Were you looking for a photo editor to erase blemishes or just wanted to install an app to remove pimples on photos? Then you came to the right place. Download any of the applications that appear in this list and arrange your photos as soon as possible.

The 7 best apps to remove pimples and blemishes from your photosSeven good apps to remove pimples from your photos with your Android

Pimple Eraser

Pimple EraserPimple Eraser is an application that was specifically developed to remove pimples, moles, scars, and other spots that could damage any of your photos. With this application, you will be able to erase those pimples from your face in a natural, clear, and complete way.

This application is very easy to use; the first thing you should do is zoom in or out and move the photo until you see the scar up close. Adjust the size of the blue circle, drag it, and place the center of the circle on the scar. Tap the “Remove” button at the bottom right, and the scar will automatically be removed as if by magic.


LenaLensa is a photo editor for Android that will allow you to retouch your photos with an infinite number of effects. This application has many filters to take spectacular selfies, remove blurred backgrounds or retouch your photos to erase spots and blemishes.

As if that were not enough, it also allows you to eliminate red eyes and get your photos to be perfect 365 days a year. Take your selfies to another level with this powerful photography app!

Face spot remover

Face spot removerIf you want the photos of your face to be as perfect as possible, you will love this application. Why? Because Spot Remover on the face can remove pimples, remove dry skin, change hair out of place, remove red eyes or improve the lighting of your photographs.

This app will do the hard work for you with ease. It couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is select the areas with blemishes, dark spots, marks, or pimples and let this tool do its magic.

Acne Remover Photo Editor App

Acne Remover Photo Editor AppAcne Remover Photo Editor App is an application that will allow you to erase acne or pimple marks that appear on your face to damage your favorite photos. It is one of those Google Play Store tools whose main function is to eliminate pimples or imperfections in the photos of its users.

All you have to do is take a photo with your camera or open a photo from your gallery, select the acne marks, click on them and they will disappear as if by magic. Without a doubt, it is one of the easiest applications to use of all those that appear in this list.


Are there days when you have more acne than normal? Then this app will become your best friend. For many, Facetune2 is a Photoshop clone for Android. Thanks to the functionalities of this application, you will be able to eliminate excess hair, wrinkles, spots, red eyes in photos, pimples, or any imperfection that you want to eliminate.

Retouch your photos in seconds! With Facetune 2, you can retouch your photos, illuminate them, blur them, and much more. In addition, it gives the possibility of linking it with various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


If you are one of those people who do not realize what is wrong with your photo, Pixlr is the tool that you must install on your mobile. Why? Because it does all the difficult work: it detects what should be modified in your photo. But in addition to doing it in individual photos, this app also can carry out this process in group photos.

It is also necessary to highlight that the app can set your enhanced photo directly as a Facebook profile photo. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also share them via Twitter and email!


Perfect365 is an app that detects how good your face would look with a few touch-ups and allows you to remove dark circles, pimples, or blemishes easily. This tool has predefined some makeup models so that you can put them in your photos in a matter of seconds. Another of its most interesting features is saving templates that can be used for other photos in the future. You can link this app with Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker!

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