8 Helpful Phone Accessories for Fitness Lovers


8 Helpful Phone Accessories for Fitness Lovers

In the digital age, mobile devices have become a vital part of life. Regardless of your favorite phone platform, there are numerous accessories available today. However, not every fitness gadget is designed with sports and fitness enthusiasts in mind. But others are particularly meant to help fitness lovers achieve their goals more quickly.

From fitness tracking gadgets or fitness phone cases to sports audio accessories, these fitness gadgets will help you train smarter.

1. Fitbit Flex –The Perfect Fitness Gadget Gift

an image of fitbit flex

Fitbit brand is synonymous with a wide range of fitness gadgets that simplify workout and exercise routines. The Fitbit Flex is among the popular fitness gadgets and accessories among athletes and the fitness community. It’s a wristband that tracks distance traveled, number of steps taken, and calories burned at the end of a workout session.

If you leave the fitness gadget on your wrist when going to bed, it will assess your sleep quality as well as whether you had enough sleep. The Fitbit wakes you up in the morning by making gentle vibrations to make sure you don’t disrupt your partner before it’s time for them to rise.

For those who like swimming exercises, this accessory is water-resistant, so you can still use it in the water. With its minimalistic design, you can wear it almost anywhere.

In the interest of building a sleek and minimalistic fitness gadget, the Fitbit Flex doesn’t feature a display screen. Whenever you need to look at your data and statistics, you need to connect it to the Fitbit App. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. Besides helping you understand recorded stats, the app lets you record the types of foods you eat.

2. Armpocket Ultra i-35

The Ultra i-35 armband is a dynamic and multifunctional fitness gadget that acts as a phone case, wallet, and key holder when engaging in exercise activities. Most phones will fit in this armband, and it has enough space for cash, keys, ID, credit cards, or your driver’s license.

The sleeve has three slots, and the rubber strap fastens your phone to the plastic window so you can still use the touchscreen easily. While you can perform most tasks through the plastic screen, you won’t be able to use any fingerprint scanners on your gadget. If color is always a factor when choosing a fitness gadget, the Ultra i-35 comes in different shades, including purple, pink, yellow, and blue.

There are two openings through where you can plug the headphones into your phone. And if you have one of those headphones with extra-long cords, there’s a Velcro strap to make sure the cords don’t distract your running session.

3. Polar Beat H7 Monitor

an image of Polar Beat H7 Monitor

Keeping track of your overall heart rate is among the most effective methods of determining workout intensity. The Polar H7 is an essential fitness gadget that accomplishes more than that.

On top of monitoring your heart rate, the Polar H7 Monitor estimates total distance covered, time spent on exercise, pace, body fat lost, and burnt calories. For easier interaction with your data, this gadget is compatible with various third-party apps and some gym equipment.

4. Tune Belt LifeProof –Sweat and Water Resistant Fitness Gadget

If you’ve always wanted to buy a fitness gadget or armband that is built to be more than just water-resistant, Tunebelt’s LifeProof case is an excellent choice. While there are countless sweat-resistant designs, LifeProof has earned quite a name thanks to its versatility. Lacking any openings that make contact with the skin, your gadgets and devices are protected from any amount of sweat. The fitness gadget is built from a high-quality neoprene material that is durable and moisture resistant.

Its widespread appeal is due to the gadget’s compatibility, which means the newest Apple and Samsung models will fit in perfectly. The LifeProof is adjustable and can fit on arm sizes ranging 9-16″. But if you are +16″, there’s an extension that adds up to 6.5″ to the regular fit size.

The logo flap is practical as it can help you secure lengthy earphone cords so you can stay focused on exercise. Whether you are using an Android or Apple device, the top and bottom openings make earbud access easy for both device models.

5. Lumoback Posture Belt

an image of Lumoback Posture Belt

When performing various exercises, your posture may not be one of those aspects you focus on. The LUMOback belt monitors your posture to ensure you are not on your way to a sore back. This fitness gadget accessory can be an invaluable asset if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk but still want to stay fit.

When strapped around the lower back, the posture belt will keep track of your overall body posture whether running, walking, standing, seated, or even sleeping. Whenever your posture is not correct, the gadget will vibrate to alert you. To access the recorded stats, you’ll need to connect the waistband to the LUMOback app available on iOS devices.

6. The Jawbone UP Fitness

an image of Jawbone UP Fitness

While the Jawbone UP fitness gadget may not be as well-known as Nike’s and Fitbit bands, it is a practical accessory for anyone looking to stay fit. Without a doubt, it’s a fitness gadget you need to consider since it offers similar features found in other top models. This band will track the distance covered, the number of your steps, how long you’ve been active versus how long you stay idle, and it will also calculate how many calories you are burning.

This fitness gadget will also calculate the time taken before falling asleep and how long you slept. To help you understand your sleep patterns, the Jawbone will provide insight on the amount of time spent in light sleep versus deep sleep. Moreover, the gadget monitors the number of times you wake up at night.

Since this fitness gadget doesn’t come with a display, you’ll need to link it to the “UP by Jawbone” app, available for both iOS and Android devices. Apart from getting detailed reports and data, this app will allow you to set goals and record your diet. If you use other fitness apps, you can sync the Jawbone with several other third-party apps like MapMyFitness and RunKeeper.

7. JayBird Sports Band

While monitoring heart rate and using the best recovery supplement is a worthwhile task for any fitness enthusiast, incorporating great music in your session can make a difference. It can turn a monotonous workout into an energized session and help you crush your goals.

The JayBird Sports band is designed with sports and workout activities in mind. The gadget’s design offers a firm grip that ensures the headphones remain secure when performing various sporting activities. Its light-weight design doesn’t weigh you down, and connectivity to your devices and devices makes sure there are no cords to distract your movements.

This fitness gadget comes with ear-controls to ensure you don’t touch your phone if you need to skip tracks or adjust the volume. Also, you can answer incoming calls wirelessly.

8. Sennheiser Sports Earphones

an image of Sennheiser Sports Earphones

If you are among those who prefer earphones to headphones, the Sennheiser Sports earphones will make a useful fitness gadget. They are designed for use during vigorous physical activities, and the adjustable rubber hooks facilitate a secure ear fit no matter your ear size or shape. Despite being used in harsh conditions, the CX 685 Sports earphones are water-resistant and shock absorbent to ensure durability in extreme conditions.

The sound quality is quite refined, especially for bass lovers. The design does an excellent job at blocking background noise when you want to avoid distractions and focus on exercises. If you are working out in a gym, it can be a helpful fitness gadget when you need to maintain focus. On the flip side, this also means they are not ideal for outdoor activities where you need to stay conscious of your surroundings.

Final Words

Any serious fitness lover can attest that smartphones with the right accessories can play an essential role. Whether you need to keep track of your workout stats, carry your phone comfortably, or listen to great tunes on the go, the fitness gadgets discussed here can make your workout easier.  What’s your experience with fitness gadgets and accessories? Let us know what you think in the comments below.