WhatsApp video calls: so you can record them to watch them whenever you want


WhatsApp video calls have quickly become a key function of the platform, overtaking other apps such as Skype. After telling you some of the tricks you should know about WhatsApp video calls, we remain focused on this tool to tell you how you can record them.

If you want to save for posterity those video calls that you keep with your family and friends, be careful because there are some aspects that you should take into account when recording them on your mobile. Next, we will tell you everything you need to know to record WhatsApp video calls.

How are WhatsApp video calls recorded?

First of all, before recording any video call on WhatsApp, you must respect the privacy of the other people who will participate in it. In Spain, it is allowed to record them, but it is recommended that you notify the other participants of the video call so that they at least know that everything they do will be recorded on your mobile.

After taking this detail into account, it should be noted that WhatsApp does not have a native function that allows you to record the video calls that you keep in its application. For this reason, you must go to third-party apps to record and keep those video calls, which will pose some obstacles.

The main problem is that, on those mobiles with Android 9 Pie version or higher, Google does not allow external apps to record the internal audio; they can only record the audio that comes from the mobile microphone. WhatsApp uses that audio from the microphone in question during video calls, so the recording apps cannot access the internal sound or the microphone. In short, the audio of WhatsApp video calls cannot be recorded, only the video.

Once you know this information about recording video calls in the app, it is time to record them. As it does not have a native WhatsApp function, you must record the screen of your Android mobile while making the video call. In our case, we will do it with the AZ Screen Recorder app, but in the Play Store, you can find other similar apps such as Mobizen or Game Screen Recorder.

Next, we explain step by step how to record a WhatsApp video call with the AZ Screen Recorder app (the rest of the apps work similarly).

1º- Open AZ Screen Recorder and accept all the permissions that the app needs to function correctly: access the files on your device, record the audio and show yourself on top of other apps, especially important so that a floating button appears that will facilitate you the recording.

2º- Enter WhatsApp and prepare the video call you to want to record: if it is individual, access the conversation with the contact. If it is a group video call, you can create a group containing the contacts you want to make it with.

3º- Once the video call is ready, slide the notification bar and click on the video camera button to start the recording. You can also do it by clicking on the red floating button on the video camera.

4th- A notification will appear informing you that the app will record everything shown on the screen. Click on “Start now,” and a 3-second countdown will begin before the recording finally begins. Take advantage of that time to start the video call on WhatsApp and make sure that it is recorded from the beginning.

5º- To stop the video call recording, you have to slide the notification bar and click on the Stop button, represented by a square. Thus, the video call recording will be saved in the gallery of AZ Screen Recorder and in that of your mobile *. You can see it whenever you want to relive the WhatsApp video call, remembering that the audio could not be recorded.

As long as Android does not change its policies regarding screen recording apps and calls for Android 9 or higher mobile phones, record WhatsApp video calls with a mobile of any of these versions will have to be with the conditions that we have explained in paragraphs previous. If you have a phone with a lower Android version, the normal thing is that you do not suffer this restriction from Google, and you do not find problems when recording video calls on WhatsApp.