Does a Student Really Need a Smartwatch?


It’s hard to imagine anything more in demand in today’s world than technology. What used to seem like fiction now requires little effort to believe in. It is now possible to manage work processes remotely, learn all the information about the world with a few clicks, and set up production with the help of machines. And it’s all a drop in the bucket with regard to human possibilities these days.

Does a Student Really Need a Smartwatch

Today almost no area of human activity can do without the use of modern technology, whether it’s selling home appliances, teaching children, or buying a car. In addition to technology, many other services like EssayPro that are designed to simplify students’ lives are gaining momentum. They both help to expand the boundaries of the world around us and gradually transform lives. 

The main features of technology:

  • Improving the communication and transfer of information between people;
  • Optimization of production;
  • Intellectual development of society and economy;
  • Acquisition and accumulation of new knowledge;
  • Invaluable assistance in all spheres of human activity.

Among all gadgets, we want to draw your attention to smartwatches. They become more and more popular among students. But before buying it, have you asked yourself if you really need this device? That’s why we have prepared this article regarding the necessity of this gadget to dispel any doubts.

Why Buy a Smartwatch

To help you decide whether to buy it or not, we have prepared some information regarding what benefits you will get. The reason is that a smartwatch can not only show you the time like ordinary watches, but it can also perform various functions useful for everyday life. So let’s get into detail and consider its capabilities.


After synchronizing the device with a smartphone, the user of a gadget will regularly receive notifications about an incoming call, message, or reminder on the smartphone. You will also get notifications about received emails and even new comments on social networks. The owner of a gadget will also always be aware of the weather forecast. 

Of course, the availability of these functions depends on the model because they all differ. Configuring and managing the messaging system is a very simple process. You just need to open the watch application on your smartphone and select the time of displaying information, the number of reminders, and so on.

Health Information

Many devices can measure a person’s pulse, blood pressure, heart rate, number of steps walked during the day, and body temperature. The gadget reads the information through built-in sensors, which record the data when in contact with the user’s hand. In this case, the smartwatch acts as a fitness tracker. Information about the health status of the user is displayed on the phone.

With this gadget, it is convenient to monitor your daily activity. If the owner of the smart device goes to the gym, he or she can track the number of calories spent, the distance traveled, and the running speed. Some devices can count the number of jumps on a rope or crunches. It’s really useful to be aware of your health and track your daily results. 

Smart Alarm

Many people know about it – it can be present directly in a smartphone or in a fitness bracelet. But it is much more convenient when the smart alarm is in a wristwatch. Built-in sensors record the time and phases of a person’s sleep. This allows the gadget to determine the best time to wake up the user so that they feel awake and rested afterward.

Built-in Navigation

A smartwatch always tracks your location with its built-in GPS. With this device, you can easily find your way.

Additional Аeatures

At this point, it is necessary to mention other no less important functions of a smartwatch. With some models, you can not only receive but also send short messages. Some additional installed programs turn the watch into a universal remote control. With their help, you can control smart house appliances. Certain models allow you to instantly take a photo or shoot a video, after which the gadget saves this information in its memory.

Memory And Uptime

Modern models have built-in memory – RAM and SSD. RAM can range from 64 to 512 megabytes. SSD can be absent or range from 2,4 gigabytes. Depending on this characteristic, the cost of the device will vary. The more gigabytes you want, the more money you will spend.

Like any device, a smartwatch requires charging. Different models use different charging methods. Some use a cable while others have a wireless dock. The standard time for maximum charging of a gadget is about two hours. For a particular model, there is always a guide to indicate the exact time. In standalone mode, the watch works for several days, depending on the capacity of the built-in battery.

Synchronizing With Accessories

Connecting your smartwatch to your phone or tablet is done via Bluetooth. In the latest models, it is possible to connect the gadget via Wi-Fi. In each option, information is transferred from the watch to the connected device and stored on it. 

The most common platform is Android Wear. It allows you to synchronize data without any problems. The data is stored in a program or app on the phone and is regularly updated. This way, the user can monitor their health and physical activity level.


Design And Style

No matter how important all the technical functions and characteristics of the technology are,  appearance always plays a big role in choosing a particular gadget. And in this matter, the manufacturers of these devices are trying to give the user a wide choice. The choice of a model can start right from the shape of the display – it can be round or square, colored or monochrome.

It is important to know about the protection measures of a smart device. Most often, this gadget is water-proof. But it is better to specify this feature directly when choosing a particular model. Why is it important to know? Very simple: some models allow you to have a bath, go to shower, or swim in the pool without removing them. 

Summing Up

Taking into account all the features listed above, we can say that a smartwatch is a really useful gadget. A modern set of functions has expanded the capabilities of this device, and this device has become indispensable in everyday life. Of course, the price is completely different: the wider the list of features, the higher the price. Thus, some students might not afford it. So it is only up to you whether to buy it or not.