How to Improve Your Network Security


How to Improve Your Network Security

Nowadays everyone relies on the internet for their everyday work like online payments, interacting with their friends and peers, earning, and many more, it’s vital to protect our privacy from unethical hacking and breaches. Therefore, network security has been introduced.  

Network security is the set of rules and configurations through which the user can protect the network’s integrity, accessibility, and unauthorized usage. You can achieve this through hardware and software technologies. In addition, there are many network securities from which you can get help, like HelloID user account provisioning

Now let us know some vital tips to improve your network security.  

Always ensure that your network security is enabled

Wi-Fi modems are trending a lot. Therefore, several network devices, like smartphones, smart televisions, and laptops, are connected to a single network. You must regularly update the operating systems, web browser, and security software. Hackers or malicious code can easily access one internet-enabled device and steal your private information from other devices connected to the same system. 

Block your camera

You must have heard the joke- big brother is watching you. Now, it’s not a joke anymore! When you visit any website, they ask for permission to access your camera and microphone. Unless you are 100% sure of its authenticity, never grant the access. Even sometimes, you can be watched despite blocking your camera. Therefore, always put tape on your camera when not in use.

Back up your data

No matter how you try to be safe from malicious activities, 100% surety is not guaranteed. Every business organization should back up its data regularly. Try using external media, cloud-based service, and third-party backup to untangle the process. Never forget to encrypt the backup to protect it. This is to ensure that you can easily recover if you get hacked.

Secure your router 

For internet connectivity, modems and routers are widely used. A router is an additional device you add to enhance the network reach. Always make sure to regularly change the username and password of your Wi-Fi, at least once a month. Hackers can easily search for the name of their router and modem on Google and then gain easy access to it. There are a few tips from which you can improve your wireless network security, like creating a password for guests and changing the SSID (Service Set Identifier). 

Turn on or install a network firewall

Installing a network firewall is the foremost step you should opt for optimum security from vulnerable network threats. Though many devices come with a built-in firewall, so, always ensure that it is turned on and up to date.   

Remove unused software from your system

Always remove the software or services you are no longer using, as it can lead to high-security threats. In addition, many computers come with pre-installed trial applications. 


In modern times, we are indirectly taking assistance from the internet for a majority of tasks, so it becomes important to protect highly critical information. Therefore, you must follow the above steps to enhance the security of your system. Otherwise, you could regret your decision later.