Every game has a gadget: What Aussies need to play their favorite online game


favorite online game

The Australian gaming industry is characterized by significant growth. The gaming market is valued at $4.21 billion, according to the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) as of 2023. With over 81% of Aussies indulging in gaming activities, there is a need for increased gaming hardware.

In Australia, the most played titles include Fortnite, League of Legends, Minecraft, Dota 2,  Fallout 4, Online Pokies, and Overwatch. Players need varying gaming equipment to engage in these titles comfortably.

This article will review some tech appliances applicable to respective games that gaming enthusiasts should acquire in their homes to reap the ultimate gaming experience. Read on to gain more insights.


This adventure-themed game is one of the world’s most popular titles, with sales surpassing over 200 million. The Australian gaming population also recognizes the game’s enjoyable element to the extent that in 2020, 1700 Aussie players joined forces to replicate their own country.

Minecraft is engaging and might have you glued to the screen for hours. One of the critical gadgets you’ll need is an ergonomic chair. These gaming chairs are designed to provide comfort while you explore Minecraft’s universe.

Gamers can access this popular title on several gaming devices, from the PlayStation to Xbox and the Nintendo.

Online Pokies

Australia is filled with wagering enthusiasts, making it the perfect place for online pokies to thrive. This casino game variation is fun and thrilling. You only need a compatible mobile device and a stable internet connection to play this game.

Since Aussies have a passion for pokies, there are numerous platforms on GambleOnlineAustralia’s list of top pokies casinos where enthusiasts can play. A simple mobile device will cut it since online pokies aren’t demanding regarding specifications. A good gaming phone like the Black Shark 5 Pro can suit your pokies adventures. With a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1CPU, RAM of 16GB, and 512GB storage, this phone should enable you to cruise pokies and other online casino games smoothly.


Like in many other countries, Fortnite is a famous battle royale video game. According to statistics, Australia is among the top fifteen countries in terms of Fortnite monthly searches. Enthusiasts require several appliances to ensure comfortable play.

A quality gaming console or PC is the first imperative appliance you require. While this game is not that demanding in terms of specifications, running it on a high-quality gaming console like the PlayStation 5 or a proper gaming PC lets you reap more from the game.

You’ll need a  gaming PC with at least 8GB RAM and a core i7 processor to enhance the game in high resolution. Furthermore, an RX 6750 XT or an RTX 4060 Ti Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is necessary when running the game  4K with 60+ FPS.

League of Legends (LOL)

Gaming enthusiasts in Australia have encountered the League of Legends title. This famous Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game is so massive in Australia that the country boasts its franchised league.

When playing LOL, gamers require an interplay of two gadgets to ensure they have a smooth experience. For instance, a quality RGB keyboard and mouse will be helpful when traversing the summoner’s rift.

A proper gaming headset will facilitate smooth communication with your team members. When you acquire them, opt for the ones with the noise-cancelling feature to minimize distractions.

Dota 2

Regarding esports, the Dota 2 is in the big leagues. In Australia, this esports game had already received massive engagement even while it was still a standalone sport. To conveniently play this esports title, you’ll require the following appliances.

For starters, a proper gaming screen is essential. Dota 2 uses a singular screen, so there’s no need for acquiring more than one. Additionally, an adequate gaming keyboard is in order. There are several variations; however, if you have an eye for the aesthetic and seek quality performance, the MOSTOP Gaming Keypad is a good option.


The Aussie gaming community is well-versed in this popular first-person shooter gaming title. Overwatch is set in a futuristic theme, and its addictive themes and gameplay result in its large Aussie fanbase.

Proper overwatch gameplay will require you to purchase a quality gaming console to ensure you run the game in high quality. A comfortable gaming chair also comes in handy. You might get too engrossed in the game and need to respect your posture. Quality chairs guard against this.

Additionally, a stable internet connection is imperative. We don’t want you buffering during essential scenes. If you are a live streamer with an active online presence, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered, too. You’ll need a high-quality webcam and recorder to ensure your streaming setup delivers.


Technology and gaming are two industries that go hand in hand. If you are an Aussie gaming enthusiast, this is the golden era of gaming, where we have access to innumerable innovations. Some gadgets you should consider acquiring include a VR headset, gaming console or PC, and streaming equipment like a webcam. These gadgets will help you reap thrilling gaming experiences.