The December 2017 Premieres On Netflix

The December 2017 premieres on Netflix

Who said that nothing premiered on television in December? Netflix is ​​going to take advantage of the month to unleash some of its titles most closely linked to the fantasy genre, from the film ‘ Bright ‘ to the second part of the series ‘ Trollhunters ‘, co-created by Guillermo del Toro.

Although, in reality, December on the streaming platform is synonymous with ‘ The Crown ‘, which returns with a highly anticipated second season, and in which Claire Foy and Matt Smith play Queen Elizabeth II and Philip of Edinburgh for the last time. In the third installment, Olivia Colman will replace Foy.

In these coming weeks, Netflix will also include its first German-produced series (‘Dark’), the second season of ‘ The Cable Girls ‘ or the fourth of ‘Orange is the new black’ (whose first broadcast window is in the hands of Movistar+). And one of the revelations of the summer series in the United States, ‘ Manhunt: Unabomber ‘.

‘The Crown’ T2

The complicated relationship between Elizabeth II and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, will be the focus of the new episodes of the series created by Peter Morgan, who has already portrayed the Queen of England in the film ‘The Queen’ and the play ‘The Audience’. In these chapters, in addition, Princess Margarita will also gain more prominence, who starred in some notorious scandals at the time of her.

Premiere: December 8.

‘Cable Girls’ S2

A death will mark the lives of the four telephone operators who are the protagonists of the series. They will all have to keep it a secret, which will lead to new problems in everyday life in which other types of complications arise. New actors join the series, such as Ernesto Alterio, who will contribute new plots and endanger the secret that everyone tries to keep.

Premiere: December 25.


Netflix’s first original production in Germany has been compared to ‘Stranger Things due to the touches of supernatural mystery in its story, centered on the disappearance of two children. Nordic noir is another of the great influences on the series. Perhaps, there may be someone who remembers a Swedish mystery title set in a forest, ‘ Jordskott ‘.

Premiere: December 1.

Other premiere series

  • Indian Detective S1 (12/19)
  • Hello, my twenties! T2 (12/18)
  • Forced Mothers T3 (12/22)
  • Orange is the new black T4 (12/16)
  • Ultimate Beastmaster Spain (12/15)
  • El Chapo T2 (12/15)
  • Travelers T2 (12/26)
  • Bill Nye Saves the World S2 (Part One) (12/29)
  • Easy T2 (1/12)
  • Manhunt: Unabomber (12/12)
  • The Ranch Part 4 (12/15)
  • The toys that made us T1 (12/22)
  • Dope T1 (12/22)
  • Fate/Apocrypha Part 1 (2/12)
  • Erased S1 (12/15)
  • Broadchurch S3 (1/12)
  • Ash vs Evil Dead T1 and 2 (11/12)

First-run movies on Netflix


It has cost 100 million dollars and stars Will Smith. There is a curiosity to see what Netflix has done with this film set in current Los Angeles, where all kinds of magical creatures live. In this context, two police officers (one human and the other a creature) have to intervene in a turf war between gangs.

Premiere: December 22.

‘Spies from the sky’

The use of drones in the fight against Islamic terrorism is the focus of this film, the last one in which Alan Rickman participated, and which is built on an ethical dilemma that was what stood out the most in its passage through theaters. Helen Mirren plays a soldier in charge of a drone program who becomes involved in a complicated hunt for a known jihadist.

Premiere: December 7.

‘The Pan’s Labyrinth’

Taking advantage of the fact that Guillermo del Toro has ‘ The Shape of Water ‘ ready for release, the Mexican director’s great confirmation in Hollywood can be recovered, a fairy tale set in the years after the Spanish Civil War. It won six Oscars and launched its young protagonist, Ivana Baquero, to fame.

Premiere: December 15

Other movies

  • The Christmas Road (8/12)
  • Christmas Inheritance (12/15)
  • My Happy Family (1/12)
  • Bull (1/12)
  • Cell 211 (1/12)
  • In the heart of the sea (3/12)
  • There will be no peace for the wicked (12/15)
  • Captain America: Civil War (12/13)
  • The truth hurts (8/12)
  • Trumbo (1/12)
  • Les Miserables (12/28)
  • Creep 2 (12/23)

New documentaries on Netflix


Documentary in six episodes that tells of a man’s search to find out how his father died. That investigation will lead him to the experiments that the CIA conducted during the Cold War with LSD. The story is fictionalized and its main protagonist is Peter Sarsgaard.

Premiere: December 15.

‘Hired Gun’

Metallica or Pink doesn’t hire just any musicians to record their albums or accompany them on their tours. Some of these “for hire” musicians are well known in the world, although the general public has never heard of them, and this documentary aspires to tell some of their stories.

Premiere: December 1.

Other documentaries

  • Motivation 3: The next generation (1/12)
  • Dream Boat (1/12)
  • Judd Apatow: The Return (12/12)
  • Dave Chapelle: Equanimity (12/31)
  • Voyeur (1/12)

Children’s releases: news in movies and series

  • Dreamworks Home: For the holidays (1/12)
  • Trollhunters Part 2 (12/15)
  • Beat Bugs: All together now (12/21)
  • ET (12/28)
  • Lilo & Stitch (1/12)
  • Trolls Holiday Special (6/12)
  • Monster Island (1/12)
  • Super Wings S1 (12/30)
  • Sammy & Co S1 (12/25)
  • Zig and Sharko S2 (1/12)
  • Maya the Bee S2 (12/15)
  • Miss me this Christmas (12/19)
  • You can’t fight Christmas (12/19)