Genshin Impact: A Short Guide About The Weakest And Average Heroes


Genshin Impact is one of the popular multiplatform games developed by the Chinese company miHoYo. It has not lost its leadership position in the rating of the best Open-world Action/RPG over the past six months.

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Genshin Impact

In this article, we will talk about the worst and average heroes in Genshin Impact.

The worst heroes in the game

The worst characters in the game are the ones you get as you progress through the storyline of tasks. After testing everyone, we have compiled a list of characters who are the most unsuccessful and will be useless to you after the initial stages of the game.


Quite an interesting, but weak cryo-hero, which is given to the player at the beginning of the passage of the Genshin Impact plot (after the mission with temples and Dvalin). Its main disadvantage is weak physical damage and even a high probability of crit damage does not compensate for this disadvantage.

Keia will be useful until you get a more powerful hero, so we recommend not focusing on pumping this character in Genshin Impact. You will be able to solve puzzles with Keia, for example, create bridges of ice for passage through the water, and pass low-level dungeons faster. In the future, this feature of the hero will not help you much.


She is a good helper in the early stages of the game and owns the element of Electro. Liza causes seemingly good damage to single opponents and groups of monsters. However, she is the weakest hero among other characters from this category (we are talking about heroes who possess Electro skills).

Why do we not recommend investing in her leveling? Because her attacks cause too little damage, and her abilities will not help the group in any way during the passage of solo content.

Traveler (main character)

This base hero is just as useless as the other starting characters in Genshin Impact. And although he can own two elements at once – Anemo and Geo, there is practically no sense in them. At the beginning of the story quests, this will undoubtedly come in handy, but then you’d better move to another, more powerful character. Leave the traveler to complete puzzles where the abilities of the Geo element are needed.

In addition, this hero has another significant disadvantage – too weak basic characteristics. No matter how you develop it, it will be much inferior to the characters received for completing quests.

Medium strength Heroes in Genshin Impact

Medium-strength Heroes in Genshin Impact

Below we will list the heroes who are stronger than the basic ones but do not reach the rank of the best. They will be useful at all stages of the story campaign and are partly a good alternative to powerful heroes that you have not yet received. Some heroes are so popular in Genshin Impact that players spend between $1,000 and $90,000 on them.


A good support hero who has skills for both healing and damage. With the right combination of skills, you can effectively treat allies and be a good damager.

Bennett’s Active Skills:

  • “An exciting adventure.” Deals pyro damage and creates a field that gives buffs to allies. The type of positive effect is determined by the level of health of the hero who fell into the circle of inspiration. If an ally has less than 70% HP, then his attacks are amplified. If the hero has less than 70% HP, then his health is restored;
  • “Excessive aspirations.” The skill can be used in different ways, depending on the time it is charged. Quick tap – deals double pyro damage to enemies. Long press – charges a strong pyro attack, which deals 2 blows and throws both the hero and the opponents next to him.


A strong attacking character of the Anemo element, who deals huge damage according to his health reserve. As a weapon, he uses a shaft.

The main skills that Xiao possesses in Genshin Impact:

  • “A curse for evil.” The character turns into a beast, which increases his damage, jumping power, and attack range. The disadvantage of the beast form is that it consumes Xiao’s health reserve, so it should only be used in conjunction with a healer;
  • “Air cycle”. The hero lunges forward and deals anemo-damage to the opponents who are in his way.


A hero that you can get for participating in-game events or for praying. She is a powerful healer and will be useful in any group, especially in conjunction with Xiao. In addition, Barbara causes good damage, but she will not be able to replace a full-fledged damager.

Useful character skills:

  • “Wonderful Radiance”. Replenishes the health of the hero and his allies who are nearby. The effectiveness of a skill is determined by Barbara’s maximum HP;
  • “Let the show begin!”. Deals AOE damage from Hydro to opponents and imposes a “Wet” debuff on them. While the “Let the show begin!” skill is active, all of Barbara’s attacks replenish the health of allies;

In this article, we have provided a list of bad heroes that are best not to play, as well as a few average heroes that even experienced players use quite often in Genshin Impact. Choose your character wisely, participate in HoYoLAB events and have fun!