Are HBOT Chambers Designed with Adequate Safety Features?


Of course, it is only normal that nobody will ever want to have anything to do with HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) if the process or the chamber is not safe. Safety is one of the concerns people have about using HBOT chambers. They seem to have believed some of the misinformation peddled online.

If you have similar feelings like the one stated above, then it’s a good thing you are reading this piece right now. Hyperbaric chambers are actually safer than you know. In this post, you will learn about the safety features present in HBOT chambers.

HBOT Chambers Designed

Automatic Pressure Control

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are equipped with automatic pressure controls. There cannot be any HBOT without increased pressure inside the chamber. However, at the same time this pressure needs to be properly controlled so the unthinkable does not happen.

HBOT chambers are designed with properly calibrated pressure systems. The possibility of overshooting the stipulated pressure value is almost down to zero.

Therefore, the automatic pressure control setups are there to regulate the pressure anytime the system tends to overshoot the safe pressure limits. In other words, the likelihood of endangering one’s life with excess pressure is non-existent. The automatic pressure control makes the machine much safer.

As you may have figured, the system is automatic; not manual. That means you don’t have to press anything button yourself for the HBOT chamber to activate this part of it. It has been programmed to function that way. So, that should put your mind at rest anytime you are inside the system.

Touch Screen Control

Touch Screen Control

HBOT chambers are made to ensure users get the best experience. For instance, the users are not meant to struggle with anything, including how they pass instructions to the machine.

Using the touch screen features is very similar to how you swipe your smartphones. Whatever you want to do can be accomplished by using the touch screen features.

Touch screen buttons make a better choice when you compare them to the HBOT chambers that use analogue buttons. Therefore, in a nutshell, you are a lot safer inside the modern day HBOT chambers.

Ventilation System

Ventilation System

No system is 100% efficient. HBOT chambers are not an exception to that grand rule. Anything can happen to the ventilation inside, and that could jeopardize your stay inside the chamber.

Contemporary HBOT chambers come with systems that help to normalize the ventilation inside at all times. The system helps to ensure users enjoy maximum comfort. This allows them to spend the stipulated time inside without becoming uncomfortable.

If you prefer to adjust the ventilation a bit to your preference, there are settings that can allow you do that.

Inside and Outside Controls

Many HBOT chambers are equipped with inside and outside buttons to make sure they work effectively. For instance, the outside buttons are almost the same as the one inside.

The reason why the manufacturers also put the buttons outside is to ensure proper supervision and assistance. That is, when the user is unable to authorize certain functions from within the chamber, the machine can be controlled from outside.

These external touch screen controls are also perfect for supervising the person in the chamber. With such control measures outside, professionals can quickly offer their assistance should the user inside ever have any challenges with the therapy session.

Excess Pressure Controller

Excess Pressure Controller

This one is very similar to the first point in the article. But, the only difference is that this component helps to prevent the system from experiencing any excess pressure. Over-pressurization will not be possible if this component of the chamber is functional.

The only time this can be possible is when this particular component goes bad, and the user fails to fix it. Extremely high pressures can be dangerous to one’s health. So, that should be avoided at all costs.

Always make sure every part of the HBOT chamber is working and in good shape. That way, you will not have anything to do with extreme pressure.

Oxygen Regulator

Oxygen has to combine with your blood under high pressure for an HBOT chamber to be effective. So, it means oxygen is an important piece of this therapy. Without oxygen, you won’t benefit anything inside the chamber.

In the same vein, the chamber has to be regulated so the amount of oxygen does not exceed the required levels. The HBOT chamber is usually circulated with pure oxygen. In other words, the atmosphere inside the chamber is purely oxygen.

The high concentration of pure oxygen is what HBOT uses to supply body tissues with adequate oxygen. The pure oxygen combines with the bloodstream to produce blood oxygen. The new blood oxygen is what does all the miracle inside the body.

Tips to Buy the Best HBOT Chambers

There are several factors you need to consider when buying a hyperbaric chamber. The safety features highlighted above are some of the factors you should look for. Other things noteworthy include;

  • The type of HBOT chamber. HBOT chambers are grouped broadly into 2 categories. HBOT chambers are either monoplace or multiplace. Before you purchase any one, you must know how they work. For instance, monoplace chambers are designed for single users. It can only accommodate one user per time. This type of HBOT chamber is ideal for people who take their privacy seriously. On the other hand, multiplace chambers are designed for multiple persons. They can accommodate more than one person at a time. Multiplace hyperbaric chambers are mostly seen in health facilities and fitness centers. If you are comfortable with having your session with others, then you can also install such chambers at your residence.

Final Words

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are not risky or dangerous the way people are paint it. Instead, they are designed with enough safety features to help protect the user and ensure their wellbeing. Most people complain about the possibility of experiencing excess pressure inside the chamber. However, from what we have seen, the system is designed with features to prevent that from happening.