Information Poisoning: How to Combat Information Overconsumption


Right Internet Option for You

These days it is very difficult to stay away from the ton of information that permeates our lives from everywhere: social networks, television, media, and even our relatives, friends, and colleagues often discuss the latest news. That is, you receive some information every day in some form or another, and your brain becomes information intoxicated in an attempt to digest everything.

But what to do when the information is already “sickening” and it is almost unreal to hide from it? Professional writer, who provides “pay to do essay” to students and helps with homework, investigates how to break this cycle and learn to relax in the virtual world.

Digital detox – what is it?

How long have you been able to go on a walk in the park without listening to music or looking at your phone? When was the last time you spent an evening reading a new book rather than scrolling through your TikTok feed?

Digital detox is a conscious rejection of gadgets for a while in order to relieve tension, stress and completely immerse yourself in work, creativity, or live communication.

This “procedure” is recommended to be carried out regularly in order to clear your brain of informational noise. Gradually, this lifestyle will lead you to media-asceticism, that is, a conscious balance between the real and the virtual. Such a person intelligently uses modern technologies in his life without excess, and understanding the mechanisms of advertising and the Internet leads him to self-awareness in the world.

How to rest and cleanse yourself from the Internet


As an option: before going to bed, turn on the calm music that you like, and do the simplest exercises from yoga and breathing exercises. Meditation is a great helper in complete relaxation and bringing thoughts in order. But, of course, this option may not suit everyone, so you need to try.

Board games

Board games, with their competitive nature, are an excellent way to get rid of unwanted thoughts and unload emotionally. For a few hours, excitement will make you forget about your phone and the Internet. Even if you are not a lover of speed or strategy games, everyone can discover a board game that they enjoy. To do so, simply visit a game store in your city and tell the assistant what you want.


Everyone has long known about the benefits of sports on our psychological state. But besides this, during the training, you also arrange an informational detox, as you give up your phone and are completely immersed in the process.

Walking and playing with pets

Our faithful companions can be great helpers in the fight against information overload. Take your dog for a walk in the park, listen to the birds sing, and appreciate the beauty of nature. You may organize some active games or a small group run.

If you don’t have time to go for a walk with your pet, you may play games at home; the important thing is to put down the phone and simply enjoy, as it produces positive emotions and relaxes.

Immersion in culture

Another great option is going to theaters, art galleries, or museums. Put your phone on silent mode and completely immerse yourself in the art that will relieve your mind and help you find strength and inspiration. In addition, students have many benefits that will help make this option as affordable as possible. In addition, students can be offered different programs and courses that they can attend, as well as look at various custom writing services for interesting reviews of theater performances or art galleries.

Clearing the flow of information from unnecessary

Unsubscribe from any and all groups and mailings that aren’t necessary and just overload you. Every year, we add dozens of new subscriptions to our list, but our hobbies and interests change, so we need to clean out these sources and get rid of the ones that are no longer relevant.

Stick to a simple rule: if you’ve scrolled through a publisher’s feed more than five times without reading, unsubscribe from it. Unsubscribe from emails that annoy you or you even delete them without reading them.

Critical reflection on information

Nowadays, all information is handed to us ready-made on a silver platter, so our brain perceives it as undeniable facts. But as soon as you subject even one component of this perfect mosaic to comprehension, it all collapses.

So you can mentally challenge every piece of information that comes in. Soon you will realize that most of it can be easily disproved. This will help you cope with the information pressure.

Specific times for news

Because of the rapid flow of information, we may unintentionally absorb false information without realizing it. And, because the information has become so valuable these days, one cannot avoid reading the news; otherwise, one will be at a disadvantage. Because of the addiction and the fakes, the worldview is distorted, putting the brain under stress.

To avoid this, consider a few reliable sources. Make a schedule for reading the news. You’ll be fine with twenty to twenty-five minutes after 7 p.m. when the day’s results are reported. It is preferable to read analytical news pieces rather than short, meaningless articles.