HBO vs Netflix, which is better on Android?

Television has been dead for many people for a considerable time, streaming services on demand have taken over entertainment, and it is normal since, on many occasions, we prefer to choose what we watch instead of television choosing for us.

HBO vs Netflix which is better on AndroidAnd, the two most important services and those with the most catalog, present in many countries, are HBO and Netflix, which not only have their own productions in their catalog but also integrate a large number of third-party movies and series. Today, we will compare the two services, focusing on several aspects, including their Android applications.

HBO vs. Netflix, which is better?


The first section in which we are going to influence is the organization, and that is that both applications are quite different in this sense. On the one hand, Netflix shows you on its cover a list where everything you were watching – and you have not finished watching – is compiled at the exact point where you were going.

On the other hand, HBO shows you a similar list, but without showing the frame for which you have stayed, and it should be noted that, sometimes, it fails quite a bit when it comes to getting you to the point where you were going, even though, at my judgment teaches it better. This, in the end, makes continuing to watch a series or movie be an ordeal on HBO.

OrganizationRegarding the information that we see in the files of each film, or chapter, they are practically the same in the two services, since they show you the participating actors and actresses, the director and the duration, in a way that helps you to know a little more the content you are going to see.

However, Netflix has two things that we like very much; the first, that we can qualify with an “I like” or “I don’t like” the content we see; the second is that, on the tab itself, Netflix shows recommendations for similar movies. It seems that Netflix encourages you to, when you finish a movie, watch a similar one at once.

Organization 1Catalog

As you know, each streaming service produces a large amount of high-quality audiovisual content, such as Game of Thrones, House of Cards, True Detective, Narcos, or Orange Is the New Black. Personally, I love many of the own productions of both companies.

But, if we look at the number of third-party movies and series, Netflix becomes the winner. And, in addition to having cult series such as Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy, the company has a fairly large film catalog, which HBO does not, at the moment.


Another key point when using one of these services is the recommendations. Generally, we all have a slight idea about what we want to see, but there are times when we are undecided, and a good recommendation from the platform can be key.

Here, Netflix wins the street. And is that, while HBO only shows you the content grouped by categories, Netflix is ​​capable of making personalized recommendations based on the content you have seen or which you have marked with a “Like.” Also, when a series that you might like is added to the platform, it notifies you. And no wonder Netflix collects a lot of information from us.

RecommendationsAdditional features

Both services are compatible with Chromecast, so you will be able to enjoy your favorite series and movies in high definition on your television and leave behind that time of connecting the computer to the television that we have all experienced at some time. On the other hand, Netflix allows you to download a large number – not all – of movies and series, of course, with certain limitations.