How to change the language in Amazon Prime Video step by step


There is no doubt that Amazon Prime Video is one of the most widely used streaming video platforms today, and although Netflix is ​​still number 1 in the world, platforms such as Amazon have gained a lot of ground.

This platform has grown in popularity, not only for the quality of its content but also for other advantages that the Amazon Prime subscription offers you, which no other application of its style can give you. In addition, it is a very simple-to-use app that works perfectly. It has many interesting functions, such as choosing the language of your preference for any series or film available, and here we will explain how you can do it without dying in the attempt.

How to change the language on Amazon Prime Video

The first thing you should know is that you have two options to change the language in Amazon Prime Video. The first is to change the platform’s language, menus, options, etc., and the other option is to change the language of the content you are going to see, be it the audio or the subtitles.

Change the language of the platform.

To change the platform’s language, you can do it from the application or the Prime Video website. You can choose between Spanish, English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Filipino, etc.

From the application:

  1. Enter the Amazon Prime Video app
  2. Access the Myspace option, located in the lower right corner
  3. Inside there, it would help if you pressed on the nut that is at the top of your mobile
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and enter the Language option
  5. Please select the language of your preference and answer Yes to the question they have asked you

From the Prime Video website:

  1. Enter the web
  2. Enter your access data
  3. Enter your account avatar and choose the Account and settings option
  4. Go to the Language section and select the one of your preference
  5. Press Save, and you’re done

If you followed all the steps that we indicated, surely you will already have the entire platform in the language of your preference. Still, if what you are looking for is to choose the language for what you are going to see, the process is somewhat different.

Change the language of movies and series.

If you want to change the language of the audio or the subtitles of a movie, you will have to do it from the same video playback. Each movie or series has different language options available, so you should first check if the language you are looking for is available for that video.

When accessing a video, you will be able to see all its information such as a summary, IMDb score, genre, in what year it was released, duration, available video quality, and the languages ​​that you can select, both for the audio and for the subtitles.

Once you have verified that the language you want is available, you have to do the following; it does not matter if you are from the web page or the app; the steps are the same :

  1. Play the video
  2. Click on the comment icon
  3. Choose the language of your preference for subtitles and audio and close the menu.

You should know that once you have chosen a certain language in a video, this will be the one that your account has as default for future reproductions, so if you want to see another video with a different language, you will have to do the same procedure again to change it.