How to Perform Better at Work


There’s your daily job, and then there’s how you go about getting your job done. Although the job position itself, your passion and expertise will play a role in the success of your career, your daily routines and office rituals can affect your happiness and productivity. This includes everything you do before work, after work and your weekend activities.

The workplace environment will also play a role in influencing your productivity. For example, many people do not realize that a poorly designed workstation and bad habits can result in detrimental health problems. Something as basic as investing in an ergonomic chair and a standing desk can keep you away from back, neck, hand, and shoulder pains, among other symptoms associated with the use of substandard office furniture.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to poor work performance and reduced productivity since reputable brands like Autonomous have a range of standup office desks, ergonomic office chairs and general ergonomic office furniture that will give your office an impeccable look and feel. You can also join a wellness club or take up healthy routines like meditation, reflection, better eating choices, and attitude control as part of your efforts to perform better.

This piece has everything you need to do to enhance workplace productivity and happiness.

Invest in the Right Ergonomics

Invest in the Right Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of crafting a workspace to fit within a worker’s capabilities, skills and limitations.

Excellent office ergonomics create a comfortable environment for working, maximizes production and efficiency. An ergonomic work station will help you avoid discomfort and fatigue.

Here are the best office ergonomics tips for 2019

Here are the best office ergonomics tips for 2019

Get a functional ergonomic chair and a standing desk: An ergonomic office chair will keep you comfortable, free from fatigue and protect your spine, while a stand up desk will enable you break from unhealthy sitting, and work comfortably standing.

Need an ergonomic office set up? You can count on Autonomous to supply you top-notch height adjustable standing desks, ergonomic office chairs, and office cabinets at the best prices.

Ensure that your arm’s weight is always supported. This will prevent neck and shoulder fatigue and pain.

Maintain your head directly above your neck. Craning your head and neck forward for long might cause discomfort and pain.

Place the monitor directly in front of you and ensure that the top is not higher than the level of your eye. Your keyboard should be immediately in front of the monitor so that you avoid turning your head and neck frequently.

Avoid slouching as it exerts extra pressure on the vertebrae and discs of the back. Use your chair’s lumbar support and scoot the chair anytime you’re sitting down.

Place the mouse and keyboard close enough to prevent shoulder and arm strains.

It is a bad practice to talk on the phone while the receiver is jammed between your neck and ear.

Your feet shouldn’t be dangling when you are seated. You can lower the chair and keyboard or use a footrest to ensure that your feet are effortlessly touching the ground. An ergonomic chair will be easy to adjust.

The above office ergonomic tips will enhance your comfort, concentration, long-term health, and in turn make you a better performer.

Take Charge of Your Attitude

The attitude or mood you take to work will not only affect your performance but also will it impact on that of the people around you. Hence, another healthy habit to exercise is taking charge of your mental attitude.

To enjoy more satisfaction in your workplace, it’s crucial to review your viewpoint regularly. This is because once negativity dominates your life, it will depress your mind, spirit, body, and productivity level.

An additional attitude adjustment strategy is practicing to focus on your work instead of thinking about personal challenges and outside relationships. This will make you both physically and mentally present at work, and as a result, enhance your productivity.

Focus on Your Strengths

In an effort perfect ourselves, we commonly channel valuable energy and time trying to excel at things that are not part of our natural aptitude. This has proven to deteriorate performance. To perform better at work, develop the habit of prioritizing on your key skill sets and avoid overstressing on what you can’t change.

Make Better Eating Choices

Make Better Eating Choices

How you fuel your body during, before, and after work can have severe effects on your performance ability.

It would be best you start by creating a proper meal schedule and planning on the meals you will be eating at lunch. Pack a snack or a meal to ensure that you do not take long without eating.

Experts recommend taking a meal within an hour of waking and continuing to take meals or snacks every three to four hours.

Your first food or snack option of the day though should be low calorie, rich in protein like Greek yogurt and eggs. Stay hydrated by taking 4-6 cups of non-sugary beverages during work time. Avoid caffeine hours before or after ending your workday to allow you to get enough sleep once you leave the office.

Start an Evening Reflection Ritual

Reflecting will save you from the tendency to dwell on what did not go well.

Before you leave the workstation every evening, take time to review what you are grateful about, or things that went well during the day. This will steer your brain towards habitual, growth-oriented, and positive thinking and make you perform better at work.