How To Put A Different Font On Instagram, In Your Profile Name And Bio

Today we are going to explain how to add unique fonts to your Instagram profile, both in your name and in your biography. Although when it comes to writing in them you will generally be able to do it with the normal typeface and font that you have on your mobile, Instagram also supports other characters and different types of fonts.

How To Put A Different Font On Instagram, In Your Profile Name And Bio

By changing this, you will be able to create a profile that immediately stands out among your followers because of the font you have added. To do this, all you will need is to use a website on your mobile that is capable of customizing the texts for you, and then paste these texts directly into the Instagram application when you are editing your profile.

Keep in mind that keyboard emojis are also allowed in your timeline, so combining a different font with the inclusion of emojis can make for an even more eye-catching result. This isn’t something that’s going to allow you to use Instagram differently or give you extra perks, it’s just going to allow you to get a bit of attention.

How to change the font of your bio

The first thing you have to do is look for a page that generates Instagram-compatible fonts. It’s not as easy as changing the font in Word and putting it in the app (I’ve tried it), so you’ll have to do searches like “fonts for Instagram” in Google and search. We have used the LingoJam website, but any other compatible one will work for you.

Next, at least on the page that we have been using, in the upper part you write the text that you want to put in a different type of font, and in the lower window you will be able to see that text with different fonts. Simply go sliding the window to see the different fonts in which your text has been converted.

Once you’ve chosen a font you like to use, select the text in that font by holding your finger down on it and moving the dots on either side of the selection to fit the entire text. Then a pop-up menu will appear, in which you must choose the Copy option to save the text on the clipboard of your mobile or computer.

Now open your Instagram and enter your profile. Once you are in it, click on the Edit Profile button that you have just below your biography.

You will enter a screen where you can change your profile name, the address of your Instagram account, and the biography. In it, click on the text of your biography to access a screen from which you can change it.

Once you enter the biography field, first delete everything you had written before. So, keep your finger pressed on the writing space until a pop-up menu appears, and in that menu click on the Paste option to paste the text that we had previously saved on the clipboard from the web that we have been using.

Once you have pasted everything, click on the confirmation button in the upper right corner of the screen, and all the changes you have made will be applied, including the pasted fonts and added emojis.

Best of all, you can also do the same thing to change your name on Instagram, so you can put one that also has special fonts. In the biography, be a little careful, because as you will see in the screenshot, there are things that used to fit you but no longer fit due to the new typography you have used. Therefore, you may have to write a slightly shorter bio.