Check Out These Similar Sites Like Watch32


Do you wish to watch movies and TV series for free? If so, Watch32 is the best platform for you to check out some of the latest movies and TV shows. The website packs in top-rated movies and TV shows that you can watch online with family and friends. In order to view content on Watch32, you need to have a stable internet connection, web browser, & some popcorn to go with.

However, some content on the website isn’t actually HD quality. The latest releases available might have a webcam quality with a dark and blurry picture.

So, what are your options here? Well, there are multiple websites that you can try out to watch these videos and movies with the best quality without fail. So, the next time you want to watch TV shows or movies, you can try out these sites in case Watch32 doesn’t have good quality content for you.

Check Out These Similar Sites Like Watch32

Watch32: Alternative Sites for You to Try


A top-ranking option in the watch similar sites list is FlixTor. On this website’s pages, you can find movies recommended and arranged in accordance with the popularity in theatres. To view all the movies, you can visit the tab named “Movies” in order to find a flick of your choice.

You can also configure the movies or TV shows by using its sorting tool in accordance to release date, genre, ratings, genre, as well as the alphabet. To watch the latest TV series, you need to click the tab with the same name. Not just that, you can also watch movies present on the platform in various subtitle languages such as Greek, Mandarin, or English. Most of the movies in this list are of HD quality. However, the site does have some ads that pop up every now and then.

Given the fact that this website is free, they do need to run ads in order to generate some revenue and keep the website running.


YouTube is no doubt the most popular streaming channel for the latest videos. However, it is also an amazing site for movies that are free to watch. The website is loaded with movie trailers, music videos, video tutorials, life-hack videos, along TV series as well as movies.

Although some movies and TV series require you to pay for a premium subscription, there are several classic contents that you can watch for free. Most of these free movies are supported by an ad that helps generate revenue for the website.

There are several movies that are perfectly categorized in the channels, such as Viewster, Maverick Movies, The Paramount Vault, FUNimation, & more.

HD Movie Center

Do you find it hard looking for a synopsis of the latest movie you wish to watch? Well, with HD movie center, you can get an accurate synopsis of the movie you wish to watch and then proceed to watch the same. In order to see the summary of the movie, all you need to do is click on the name of the movie.

Apart from this, you can also check out the very same movie in top quality that includes 720p, 4K, as well as 1080p resolution. It also comes with trailer videos of the movie that you plan to watch. This will help you get a glimpse of the movie you plan to watch and check out whether it fits your liking.

Another feature you can find in HD Movie Center is the fact that you can rate the movie as per your liking. On this website, you can easily watch all the fresh and latest movies that have been released recently. The only issue is that the website doesn’t have TV shows for you to watch.


Another classic option for you to try out is the 5Movies website. This website is a library for the latest movies released for the year or month. This website offers collection from sources such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, or other subscription-based services.

The update speed on this website is no doubt the fastest. This is why; you can consider it as a dependable website for streaming. Moreover, browsing the library collection is no doubt a breeze given the well-organized database. Apart from this, there are several sorting options that are available from a prime interface.

You can easily sort the collection by year, genre, or even foreign-language films. Apart from this, you can browse through its collection of Asian dramas that are accessible by clicking on the tab of the same name. The only problem with this option among similar sites is that it comes with annoying ads.

But, that is true for most free movies and TV shows streaming websites. But, it is without any doubt that 5movies is the best alternative for watch32 movies and TV shows.

The Movie Database

TMBd or The Movie Database is a website that contributes informational metadata for each TV show and movie. With this, you can view useful information related to TV series or movies in their database. Since the year 2008, this website became a primary data source for metadata.

The website is surplus with popular movie data that helps you acquire information about the same. You can check out the movie sales, cast, as well as the reason for the movie to be made. The website also helps content writers and bloggers in case they plan to review any series or film.

Apart from being an amazing review website, it also allows the users a chance to watch famous TV shows and movies of High-Definition quality. So, do check out this watch 32 movies and TV shows as an alternative to experience its uniqueness.


Another option on this list of similar site is WatchSeries. It is an online website dedicated solely to the entertainment of its visitors. It provides you access to different types of TV shows. It also packs in an extensive selection of movies from different genres.

Apart from watch TV series on this website, Apart from watching the movies on this website, you can also download & share movies over the platform. All the movies & TV series on this platform are categorized perfectly to help you find something that you would love.

Without any effort, you can type the name of the movie or TV series you plan to watch on the search box present in the top corner of the website. However, the issue with WatchSeries is the pop-up advertisements that could annoy the users. However, it can be hidden if you watch the content on full-screen.


Vumoo is another amazing option for movie enthusiasts who need access to the top-notch cinema with stunning quality. The website is a database of films from all around the world. Apart from being a movie library, the platform is also known for its TV show collection. When you check out the website’s “Home” section, you can find the most trending and latest movies and TV series as recommendations.


Another reliable streaming website similar to Watch32 is Putlocker. The platform provides an extensive collection of TV shows and movies. It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it stand outand allow you to navigate through the vast library easily. With a seamless streaming experience and vast library of the latest and releases and classic films, Putlocker is a great choice for any movie enthusiasts.


123Movies is a trustworthy and reliable streaming site similar to Watch32. The streaming site offers a diverse collection of TV series and movies. It features a straightforward interface and contains regularly updated content, which makes it a perfect choice for people looking for uninterrupted and seamless streaming experience. Moreover, the platform offers a vast library that caters for various viewer preferences.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Streaming Platform

There are many factors that you need to consider before selecting your ideal streaming platform. These include: 

  • Legal status: The first factor to consider before choosing the ideal platform is the legal status of using the site in your region. Confirming the legal status of the platform helps protect you from potential risk of getting into the wrong side of the law. 
  • Content library: It is also advisable to explore the content library before choosing the platform to ensure that it offers content that aligns with your preferences. Many platforms provide a wide variety of content ranging from niche genres, classics, and much more. 
  • User interface elegance: User interface elevates your streaming experience, which means that it plays a key role in shaping your journey. Choose a platform with user-friendly interface as it simplifies navigation within the platform and enhancing overall streaming experience. 
  • Safety measures: The other important factor to consider before selecting your preferred platform is the safety measures. With the high security risks in the internet, choosing a platform that has robust safety measures is important. 


With this list by your side, entertainment is just a click away. So, hop onto a movie or TV series marathon with your best bud and enjoy hours of non-stop excitement with popcorn on the side. These websites will give you access to movies and TV series without the need to spend a single penny.