How to Troubleshoot Vizio Sound Bar Turns Off Issue


Vizio sound bar keeps turning off

Vizio soundbars are renowned by audiophiles for their quality sound amplification. The soundbars are linked to external sources and are easy to maintain and use. Many people prefer soundbars over speakers for their soundscapes since soundbars produce quality sound. However, there are various issues associated with soundbars that users need to consider and ensure their entertainment is uninterrupted.

The Vizio soundbar issues may appear challenging, but there are simple troubleshooting approaches you can follow in addressing the associated problems. This guide provides various options to manage your Vizio soundbar issues and ensure they provide quality entertainment. Here’s your guide to resolving your Vizio soundbar that turns off by itself.

Why Vizio Soundbar Turns Off Automatically

If your Vizio soundbar keeps turning off on its own, it’s an indication that the Auto Standby settings are ON. Once the settings have been toggled ON, the device turns off after about 15 minutes to minimize power consumption. However, various aspects may lead to the Vizio soundbar turning off automatically, and below are some of the reasons why the issue may occur:

Outdated Firmware: Developers make updates on all the devices to ensure the software is up to date and ensure every release is notified to the device users. Vizio soundbars also have firmware releases that require regular updates over time. If the Vizio firmware is outdated, the Vizio soundbar is likely to turn off by itself. So, there’s a need to check whether the firmware is updated. And if so, proceed to check out for other fixes to resolve the problem.

Faulty Soundbar Remote: Many users may use a defective or wrong remote to control the Vizio soundbar. However, since most remotes look alike and use a different remote or a faulty remote on the Vizio soundbar may not function. Furthermore, if the soundbar remains inactive, it automatically turns off. Therefore, you need to check whether the remote control is for the soundbar and if its batteries are functional. However, you can connect Vizio soundbar to your TV without remote.

Eco Mode Settings: If the Vizio Eco-mode feature is turned ON, the soundbar automatically turns off if left without an audio signal. The settings are vital in reducing power consumption by many smart devices nowadays. If the Eco mode settings are On, you need to turn them off to resolve the automatic turn-off soundbar issue.

Overheating of Your Device: most smart electronic devices turn off if they remain in an active state for long and are overheating. Overheating occurs if there’s a malfunction in the cooling component of the device or other internal issues. If your Vizio soundbar is faced with overheating issues, it’s likely to turn off itself. Dusting is necessary if the Vizio soundbar gets hot after several minutes of use and you need to seek technical support.

How to resolve Your Vizio SoundBar from Turning Off

How to resolve Your Vizio SoundBar from Turning Off

Numerous solutions are used to address the Vizio soundbar that keeps turning off. Below are some of the techniques you need to consider for your device:

Reset the Vizio Soundbar

One of the ideal options in addressing the Vizio soundbar that turns off automatically is resetting the device. The process involves the removal of all the files and deleting the pairing information from Bluetooth devices. The approach restores all the default factory settings, and here’s a guide on how to reset your Vizio soundbar:

  • Use the remote control and press the Menu button
  • Navigate to the option named “Reset Now.”
  • Use the scroll buttons on your remote and change the setting to “Reset Yes.”
  • Then press the Play button
  • A confirmation indicating Yes will be displayed
  • Press the Play Button Again, then allow the reset

After the process, LED lights on your soundbar will blink thrice as an indication that the reset process is complete

Toggle Off Eco Mode

The eco mode settings on the Vizio soundbar turn off the device automatically if it remains inactive for long. The feature saves power energy when the device doesn’t receive audio signals from other devices. For you to change the Eco mode settings, you need to perform the following:

  • Press the Next button on the Vizio soundbar remote
  • Navigate to find Eco Settings
  • Toggle Off the Eco Mode tab if it’s ON.

Updating the Device Firmware

Your Vizio soundbar has the SmastCast mobile app, an inbuilt app that ensures updates are automatically installed upon the internet connection. However, if the soundbar’s software is outdated, it may turn off automatically, and you need to set up the mobile app and ensure the firmware is updated automatically. For you to achieve this, you need to connect your Vizio soundbar to the wifi network and follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the Mobile App
  • Connect your Vizio soundbar to the Wi-fi Internet
  • Click the Menu button on the remote control
  • Check out for “Wifi Setup” option
  • Then, select it using the “Play/Pause”
  • Press the button again to confirm
  • Upon confirmation, the LED lights in the front section cycle

After you’ve successfully set up the internet connection to your Vizio soundbar, you need to make updates to the firmware, and to do so, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Soundbar Apps
  • Navigate to “Device Settings” and select them
  • Select the option “Add New Device.”
  • Launch the “SmartCast” mobile app
  • Then, select the “Check for updates” button

Upon setting up the mobile app on your Vizio soundbar, available updates are automatically downloaded and installed. When updates are installed, your Vizio soundbar may automatically power off and back on to change its firmware.

An outdated firmware leads to the Vizio soundbar turning off automatically, and regular software releases need to be updated. The updates improve the device’s performance and fix all the glitches or system bugs.

Tweak the Connected Devices Settings

If the Vizio soundbar is connected to several devices, there’s a likelihood that it will turn off automatically once one of the devices is off. For instance, if you’ve linked the Vizio soundbar to your TV and a gaming console, the soundbar may turn off if the console is inactive and isn’t sending an audio signal to the soundbar. You can resolve this by ‘forgetting other linked devices to the soundbar and ensuring it receives a single signal from the device you are currently using for your entertainment.

Alternative Approaches to Resolve Vizio Sound Bar Turns Off Automatically

You can also try out the following fixes on your Vizio soundbar device:

Check Cable Connections

The initial stage in ensuring that your Vizio soundbar doesn’t turn off by itself is checking whether the cable connections are made appropriately and on the suitable device ports. For instance, if you connect soundbar to Vizio TV inappropriately, it won’t detect the audio signal from the TV, and after some time, the soundbar will turn off automatically. Therefore, it’s crucial to check whether your Vizio soundbar is connected to the correct ports. Then, ensure the soundbar is connected to the “Audio Out” port for the TV connection, and confirm the correct input is set for your Vizio soundbar; to achieve this, you need to:

  • Switch Your TV ON and choose your channel
  • Ensure that the TV has audio
  • Press the Input button on your Vizio soundbar or use the remote control to navigate the Settings
  • An Audio Input Search will occur, and the LED lights on the Vizio soundbar will start to blink.
  • The soundbar will Detect the Sound Signal from your smart TV
  • Then the soundbar will Connect to the TV, and sound will be produced from its speakers

If the above approach fails with your smart TV and other devices, check on issues related to the device to be connected.

Use the Vizio Soundbar remote

Your Vizio soundbar may power off automatically due to its remote. You can use a universal remote control for your soundbar, but it may fail to operate on the Vizio soundbar. If you have no Vizio soundbar remote, you can opt for your usual remote as follows:

  • On the soundbar’s remote control, find the Menu button
  • Press Menu, then navigate to “Prg Remote.”
  • Press the Next or Previous buttons to navigate different functions
  • For the soundbar, then press the Play button on the remote
  • Then press the Right key
  • For Mute, press the Mute button.
  • Volume+ for the Volume Up button and Volume- for the Volume Down button.
  • All the LED lights will flash from top to bottom during the process
  • Then it will Blink Twice to indicate it’s done

If the Vizio soundbar doesn’t work with other remotes or keeps turning off, you’ll need to purchase an actual Vizio remote control for the soundbar.

Final Word

Vizio soundbar keeps turning off automatically since it has Star settings that trigger an automatic shut down after an extended duration of inactivity. This guide has simple instructions to follow in resetting your Vizio soundbar, updating the firmware, and other approaches to fix the issue. The fixes discussed can automatically resolve the Vizio soundbar turns off and ensure you enjoy the incredible delivery of sound from your device.