Is It Illegal To Fit A Tracking Device On Someone’s Car?


GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking device is a device that works to the satellite system and it is a very effective way to know the real-time live location of the vehicles and the products. Many fleet management organizations and companies in the world are using the GPS tracking system and devices that work through the satellite system to know the real-time location of their vehicles and products. 

It is a highly effective system and you can even check the speed and timing of the vehicles by using this device. It is very important to have a GPS tracking system in your fleet management company so that your customers are always satisfied because they are receiving their products on time and you can see if the drivers who are representing your company are driving properly or not.

In this article, we are going to discuss if it is illegal to fit a tracking device on someone else’s car.

The vehicle tracking technology is legal to use in the following conditions mentioned below.

 1. Tracking

If you own a certain vehicle or a product and you end up losing it then it is completely legal to use the vehicle tracking system to find out where your vehicle or product is. This is due to safety purposes and that is why it is going to be completely legal if you put the GPS tracking devices on your vehicles if you want to track the location in case they get stolen and those vehicles and products should be in your possessions or should be in the assets of the company.

 2. Assets Are Personal

It is going to be completely legal for you to put a GPS tracking device on a product or a vehicle if you own that certain vehicle or a product. If you are the first owner of that product or vehicle then it is not illegal to put a GPS tracking device on it and you will never be questioned about it because it is in your possession and you are the real owner of it. However, if you put a GPS tracking device on someone else’s vehicles or products then it is going to be illegal and action can be taken against you legally.

 3. Age Of Majority

Age of majority is the biggest factor when it comes to the legality of the GPS tracking devices and putting them on vehicles or other products. If you are a parent then you can put a GPS tracking device on any personal position on the back of your children if they are under the age of majority. The age of maturity means that they should be under 18 years old and then you can track them for their safety purposes to make sure about their live location. However, if your children are more than 18 years old and you do not have any right to track them, it is going to be illegal.

 5. Legal Repossession

 It is going to be completely legal for you to use the GPS tracking system If you are using it to track an asset for legal repossession.