Mi Band 4 or Mi Band 5, which one do I buy?

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has already been presented, and we finally have the successor to the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, which has had so many successes, and which is considered by many to be the best smart band about quality and price. And the truth is that it is not a crazy statement.

And, with the release of this new Mi Band 5, the unknown of all the years arrives. Do I buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 or the Mi Band 5? Let’s take a look! Well, today we are going to tell you which one we think is a better buy and which one, in our opinion, you should buy to put it on your wrist.

Mi Band 4 or Mi Band 5

This is the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Xiaomi Mii Band 5: specifications

Comparison Xiaomi Mi Band 4 vs. Xiaomi Mi Band 5
specs Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Xiaomi Mi Band 5
Weight 22.1g 12.1g
Screen 0.95-inch AMOLED (120 x 240) 1.2-inch AMOLED (126 x 294)
Brightness Up to 400 nits Up to 450 nits
Battery 135 mAh with the magnetic charging base 125 mAh with a magnetic charger
NFC connectivity Only on some models Only on some models
Measurement of arterial health No Yes

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 or Xiaomi Mi Band 5? Let’s start with the hardware

Xiaomi has made many changes to its Xiaomi Mi Band 5, which, after all, has to have some added value that makes us see it with better eyes than its predecessor, and this is precisely what Xiaomi has done. And the first step for this has been to introduce a screen that increases its size by 20% so that we can see the elements on the screen better. And this is something that we can modify using different watch faces that Xiaomi offers in the Mi Fit application, but we can install it through third-party applications.

On the other hand, the weight of the bracelet is reduced by 10 grams, and the brightness increases to 450 nits, which will make this Xiaomi Mi Band 5 somewhat easier to see when there is sunlight. And that is something that always comes in handy so that we have no problem seeing the content of the bracelet.

Lets start with the hardware

Three of the new colors of the Mi Band 5

The battery of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is somewhat smaller than that of its predecessor and added to the fact that the screen is a little larger, we find that the autonomy will be reduced to some extent. According to Xiaomi, we will be able to last around 14 days without charging the bracelet, and it seems to us a correct figure taking into account the improvements that it brings.

And, speaking of the battery of the smart band, we have to tell you that its charger presents a great novelty since this now is not a base on which to leave the bracelet, but rather that it connects to the Mi Band, so it is not You will have to completely disassemble the Mi Band to be able to charge it. Still, you will only have to connect the new charger to its lower part.

Lets start with the hardware 1

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 increases the size of its screen by 20% compared to the Mi Band 4

Mi Band 5: more utilities and more autonomously

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has been a small leap compared to its predecessor and has some new features at the level of utilities and additions to it, starting with a tool that allows you to control the menstrual cycle, as well as 11 new sports modes that They can be selected from the screen of the bracelet itself, without having to go to the application.

Beyond this, it has what Xiaomi calls PAI, which is the Personal Activity Intelligence, which, through some calculations, will offer you a note based on the sports activity you do on the day, and for which it is taken in both your weight and your height count if you have it entered in the application. And you can also operate the camera of your mobile remotely from the bracelet.

In the Mi Band 5, we find all the new functionalities that we already found in the Mi Band 4, such as the multimedia playback controls to pause our music or change songs, or the option to find the phone, to ring this when we can’t find it.

more utilities and more autonomously

One of the new spheres that will arrive with the Mi Band 5

Andro4all’s opinion, which one would we buy?

Every year a new Mi Band comes out, this million-dollar question arises that we have told you about today, and the truth is that, for me, the answer is extremely easy: it is worth investing a little more money in a Xiaomi Mi Band. 5.

If you asked me this question with a mobile phone, the answer might be different, but the truth is that, for what the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 costs, which you can already buy at 35 euros, I do not think it is worth buying an old model to save 10 euros.