Microsoft Flight Simulator: This comparison tests the flights of Xbox Series X / S against those of PC

Microsoft Flight Simulator this comparison tests the flights of Xbox Series X S against those of PC

How many aerial walks have you done already? In the control towers, they must already be up to their noses ordering the traffic so that everything works correctly, but it is normal. The arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator to Xbox Series X / S is one of the best news for owners of Microsoft’s next-generation consoles.

Therefore, it is necessary to compare the PC version and the newcomer to Xbox Game Pass. The Bit Analyst has taken care of this task and showed us the results in a new video. Take a look and pay attention to the conclusions.

First of all, it should be noted that on Xbox Series S, the resolution is 1920x1080p, while Series X reaches 2560x1440p. While the frame rate is locked at 30FPS, we know it can be increased if we have a VRR-compatible display.

The PC version runs as high as possible using a GeForce RTX 3080. The three versions are equal in that they rely on the use of the cloud to squeeze the maximum visual quality of the Asobo Studio title.

The drawing distance is the same in both Series X and PC, although in Series S, it drops considerably. PC players manage to obtain superior quality in the clouds, reflections, and various textures that we can find worldwide.

Regarding loading times, Series X wins by a few seconds when starting Microsoft Flight Simulator, but Series S manages to take off much faster, on the contrary. Stuttering is a problem that no version is not accessible, particularly in the most demanding cities.