Microsoft puts the final nail in the Kinect coffin: The adapter for the new Xbox One stops being manufactured

Microsoft puts the final nail in the Kinect coffin the adapter for the new Xbox One

If at the end of last October we announced the death of Kinect, today Microsoft completely ignores the project. In statements to the Polygon media, it is confirmed that the USB adapter necessary to connect the device to Xbox One S and Xbox One X has ceased to be produced.

An adapter that, by the way, Microsoft itself gave for a limited time to those who had a first model of Xbox One, one of the new models, the Kinect, and could also try it by offering the serial number of the three devices to technical service Xbox official. After all, it was a device aimed at a minimal audience. Perhaps too limited.

Microsoft puts the final nail in the Kinect coffin the adapter for the new Xbox One 1

The reason for the cessation of production of the adapter has no mystery: Microsoft’s current priority is to offer other accessories that have a more excellent future projection, according to a representative to Polygon.

After careful consideration, we decided to discontinue making the Kinect Xbox Adapter launch new fan-requested gaming accessories for Xbox One and Windows 10.

It took Microsoft practically four years to completely redraw the panorama painted at E3 2013: a technically inferior console compared to the PlayStation proposal whose higher price and services were conditioned by a motion sensor that did not finish curdling among the players.

Microsoft puts the final nail in the Kinect coffin the adapter for the new Xbox One 2

It would take Microsoft no less than six months to sell the console without Kinect ( without compensation to early adopters ). Still, the most curious thing is that without the Kinect, the Xbox One could offer greater graphics power.

On the other hand, the deficient production of games and applications for the Kinect did not help, although it would be unfair to say that it was non-existent. Even last year, a couple of quite crazy proposals such as ‘Air Guitar Warrior’ were announced, although the gradual disappearance of its prominence in the interface made it clear that we would see each other in these.

On the part of the games, Microsoft was cured in health, relaunching several of its first-party proposals such as ‘Zoo Tycoon,’ ‘Disneyland Adventures’ or ‘Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure’ without the additions of Kinect and just in time for the launch of Xbox One X. A console with thunderous technical potential, a catalog of transgenerational games, prepared for 4K, Virtual Reality and, once the stock of adapters runs out, 100% free from Kinect.