Monster Hunter Rise hunt will make the leap to PC on Steam in mid-January 2022

Much of Capcom’s conference for the Tokyo Game Show 2021 has been dedicated to Monster Hunter Rise, which has left us with the announcement of its following crossovers but has also served to confirm the exact date on which the game will be released. Sale on PC via Steam.

The version in question was announced earlier this year, and it will finally be next January 12, 2022, when this installment of the saga can be purchased in Valve’s digital store. In addition, those who want to try a preview before getting it will have a demo available from October 13.

Something that PC users will love is the fact that this new version will be packed with improvements and new features. Among them, the rate of images per second will be increased, the resolution will become 4K, the textures will be perfected, a voice chat will be included to talk with other players, and it will also be compatible with keyboard and mouse with ultra-wide screens.

For the rest, Monster Hunter Rise will come to Steam along with every one of the free downloadable content and updates that it has received so far on Nintendo Switch, including the news that will be published between now until the end of November, to begin the hunting in style.